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The difference between EPDM reclaimed rubber and original rubber

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Following the announcement by Alang Xinke that the price of EPDM rubber will be raised in late September, JSR Japan also announced that it will increase the prices of synthetic rubber products from October 21, including the price increase of EPDM rubber of 1100.6 yuan/ton; As a substitute for EPDM raw rubber to produce rubber products and reduce the cost of raw materials, C reclaimed rubber is usually used to compare with EPDM rubber. Although the performance is basically the same, it is raw material, price or use. There are big differences in the methods. Xiaobian today talks about the difference between the EPDM original rubber price increase event and the EPDM reclaimed rubber and the original rubber.

1. EPDM reclaimed rubber and raw rubber raw materials are different

EPDM reclaimed rubber is mainly made of unvulcanized EPDM rubber and rubber grades of waste EPDM rubber products such as automobile seals and washing machine seals. The original performance characteristics and advantages of EPDM, such as excellent anti-aging properties, high and low temperature resistance, etc.; EPDM rubber is a copolymer of ethylene, propylene and a small amount of non-coconjugated diene. An important variety of specialty synthetic rubber.

2. The price of EPDM reclaimed rubber and original rubber is different.

At the beginning of the article, we have already said that two large synthetic rubber manufacturers have announced the price increase of EPDM rubber. The current market price of EPDM rubber is between 16,000-23,000 yuan/ton, and EPDM reclaimed rubber. The price is up to 8,000 yuan / ton, and the price of many EPDM reclaimed rubber is 4,000-5,000 yuan / ton. Therefore, the use of reclaimed rubber in EPDM rubber products can significantly reduce the cost of raw materials.

3. EPDM reclaimed rubber and original rubber filling performance are different

As a kind of ethylene-propylene rubber, EPDM rubber has low density and good filling performance. A large amount of filled rubber oil and filler can also maintain good physical and mechanical properties. EPDM products manufacturers reduce production costs and alleviate high-priced EPDM. The common method of cost pressure from raw tape; EPDM reclaimed rubber is processed from waste EPDM rubber, and its main components are ethylene, propylene and reducing agents, softening oil, calcium carbonate, etc. added during the production process. Therefore, its filling performance is worse than that of EPDM.

4. EPDM reclaimed rubber and raw rubber processing performance are different

EPDM reclaimed rubber is classified, crushed, desulfurized, filtered and other processes in the process of processing. Its plasticity, fluidity, product uniformity and dimensional stability are better than EPDM, and power consumption during use. Low, low heat generation, small v-vulcanization, and good flatness of vulcanization, so the processing performance is better than EPDM in many aspects.

5. EPDM reclaimed rubber and original rubber are used differently.

Since EPDM reclaimed rubber and EPDM rubber have certain differences in raw materials, composition, processing properties and filling properties, the use method of EPDM reclaimed rubber and original rubber is different, mainly including formula. Design and rubber mixing and vulcanization process: When the EPDM reclaimed rubber replaces the design of EPDM rubber, the original rubber can not be replaced by 1:1, and the replacement amount should be calculated according to the rubber content of EPDM reclaimed rubber. The number, and the vulcanizing agent, softener, accelerator, rubber oil, filler and other components contained in the reclaimed rubber are calculated; 2, the original rubber is fully masticated and then mixed with the EPDM reclaimed rubber. Refining, and reasonable adjustment of vulcanization conditions, vulcanization time.

Although the molecular structure of EPDM reclaimed rubber will be seriously damaged during the processing, the molecular chain structure will change, and the performance characteristics will be lost. However, when the price of EPDM reclaimed rubber continues to rise, it will be ternary. Ethylene-propylene regenerated rubber and EPDM rubber are used together to achieve a win-win situation for both cost and quality.