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EPDM reclaimed rubber compounding occurs unevenly

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EPDM reclaimed rubber compounding occurs unevenly

Every qualified rubber product is inseparable from high-quality rubber raw materials and reasonable rubber product formula. Therefore, the quality of recycled rubber and the design of recycled rubber products are the basis for ensuring uniform mixing of EPDM reclaimed rubber; In the case of an internal mixer which is one of the commonly used rubber mixing equipments for EPDM reclaimed rubber, if there is a problem or an unreasonable operation process during the kneading operation, the problem of poor dispersion of the EPDM reclaimed rubber compounding rubber may also occur.

3, there is a problem with the mixer

The internal mixer is the necessary production equipment in the processing of EPDM recycled rubber products. If problems occur before and after use, it will cause uneven dispersion. For example, the top plug pressure on the internal mixer is not in place, and the gap of the internal mixer is large. The leakage of powder causes the internal pressure to leak out. The structural design of the internal mixer is unreasonable, and the rough process leads to the dead angle during the mixing, which will cause the problem of poor dispersion during the EPDM reclaimed rubber mixing; the excellent production equipment is also guaranteed. “Infrastructure Construction” for the quality of rubber products. Therefore, we must choose sophisticated mixing equipment.

4, mixed process operation is not suitable

When the EPDM reclaimed rubber is mixed in the internal mixer, the mixing temperature is too low, which is not conducive to the plasticizer plasticization, resulting in uneven dispersion of the compounding agent. If the temperature is too high, the pseudoplasticity will also cause the problem of poor dispersion; The refining time is not enough. When the mixer is mixing, the time for raising the top bolt is too short, the number of times is not enough, or the top plug is not cleaned. When the mixing is done, the softening oil is added once or the stearic acid and other compounding agents are added. The EPDM is the original glue. When the mixing with the reclaimed rubber is switched, the cleaning effect is not good, and impurities mixed during mixing can cause problems of poor dispersion; therefore, the EPDM reclaimed rubber must strictly perform the specified process steps when mixing in the internal mixer, and clean up the refining in time. machine.

The use of an internal mixer to mix the EPDM reclaimed rubber with excellent production equipment and rigorous operation procedures can reduce the probability of poor dispersion of the rubber mixture; for some EPDM manufacturers that only open the mill, Cracking may occur during the opening process, and it is necessary to fill a large amount of rubber oil, resin or powder under high temperature conditions to meet the production requirements, and provide good process conditions for uniform mixing of the rubber compound.

There are still many reasons for the uneven dispersion of EPDM reclaimed rubber compounding, and Xiaobian is no longer listed one by one. As an ideal material to replace the EPDM rubber to reduce the cost of raw materials, EPDM reclaimed rubber should not only choose the EPDM reclaimed rubber that is closest to the EPDM rubber products, but also choose to regenerate it. The rubber factory cooperates to reduce production costs while ensuring stable product quality.

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