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Design of EPDM reclaimed rubber seal products recipe skills

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Design of EPDM reclaimed rubber seal products recipe skills

EPDM renewable rubber, with its excellent anti-aging, high temperature performance "mixed" in various sealing products industry, such as seal factory, seal manufacturers, Sealing Products Co., Ltd.. The use of EPDM reclaimed rubber production seal rubber products, if the formula is properly designed, both to ensure the sealing performance of rubber products, but also significantly reduce raw material costs.

First of all, let's look at the sealing principle of EPDM reclaimed rubber seal products: The compression cross-section of EPDM reclaimed rubber seal products will be stressed when the external force is deformed. At this time, the compression cross-section and contact surface are closely combined, effect. It can be seen that the compressive deformation of EPDM reclaimed rubber has a direct impact on the sealing performance of reclaimed rubber sealing products. Therefore, designing the recipes of EPDM reclaimed rubber can work hard on the compression permanent deformation of rubber compounds.

1, add the original plastic. EPDM reclaimed rubber content of rubber directly affects the compression set of permanent deformation, so to meet the cost budget conditions, adding a suitable amount of gum, EPDM rubber effectively reduce the compression set, improve the rubber products The sealing performance, thereby extending product life.

2, sulfur curing system better. EPDM reclaimed rubber products commonly used vulcanization system sulfur vulcanization system, peroxide curing system, which uses sulfur vulcanized EPDM seal rubber sealing products, the compression set is better than the peroxide curing system products.

3, add reinforcing agent. Reclaimed rubber products, the role of reinforcing agent is to improve the product hardness, tensile strength, wear resistance, tear resistance, etc., which if EPDM reclaimed rubber seal products to add a certain amount of semi-reinforcing carbon black Do filling, while increasing the hardness of rubber products but also reduce the compression of rubber compound permanent deformation, improve the performance of sealing products can be a cinch.

4, the use of antioxidant. In addition to the curing system, reinforcing system, EPDM sealing compound formulations anti-aging system design will also affect the compression of sealed products, permanent deformation, if the accidental use of antioxidant RD and antioxidant MB and will result in reclaimed rubber Plastic permanent deformation of the consequences of the increase, so the EPDM sealing compound anti-aging system design must avoid similar situations, can be considered from another perspective to reduce the permanent deformation of rubber products, extended EPDM rubber sealing reclaim The life of the product.