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EPDM Recycled Rubber Features and Tips

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The raw material of EPDM reclaimed rubber is EPDM scrap rubber or waste EPDM sealing strip. It retains most of the original molecular structure characteristics of EPDM, and most of it is used to replace EPDM. Rubber production of various high and low temperature resistant, anti-aging rubber products, reduce raw material costs. What are the different characteristics of EPDM reclaimed rubber compared to other reclaimed rubbers?

First of all, let me take a look at the molecular structure characteristics of EPDM: EPDM rubber is a copolymer of ethylene, propylene and a small amount of non-conjugated diene third monomer, which belongs to non-crystalline rubber; EPDM rubber There is no double bond in the main chain of the molecule, and a small number of double bonds are distributed on the side groups. Therefore, the main chain is in a saturated state without polarity, and the molecular chain has very good flexibility and is a typical non-polar rubber. EPDM reclaimed rubber retains most of the molecular structure characteristics of EPDM rubber, and therefore has nearly identical performance characteristics with EPDM rubber: heat resistance, cold resistance, aging resistance, and high insulation.

1, EPDM recycled rubber is the best anti-aging properties of all reclaimed rubber products, especially for ozone resistance, so it is not prone to ozone cracking when exposed to the outside for a long time; In addition, EPDM rubber weather resistant Excellent sex, can work long hours in strong light or cold environment, adapt to the four seasons replaceable.

2, EPDM reclaimed rubber can work continuously under 150 degrees Celsius for a long time, replaceable below 200 degrees Celsius, intermittent work, such as heat-resistant sealing ring can maintain good sealing performance under 120 degrees Celsius for a long time, not easily deformed, Leakage phenomenon.

3, EPDM reclaimed rubber as non-crystalline rubber, and natural rubber can maintain good flexibility at a lower temperature, so the use of EPDM reclaimed rubber production of door and window seals in the cold winter is not It can easily become hard, brittle, and broken.

4, as a typical non-polar rubber, EPDM reclaimed rubber and EPDM rubber with excellent electrical insulation properties, can produce a variety of electrically insulating rubber products such as wire and cable jacket. It is worth mentioning that EPDM regenerated rubber insulation products are not affected even after water ingress, which is directly related to its minimal water absorption.

EPDM reclaimed rubber has good resistance to polar chemicals and common acid-base solvents, so it can also be used to produce various acid and alkali resistant rubber products; EPDM reclaimed rubber has small density and reinforcing agent The compatibility is very high. In the production of rubber products, more reinforcing agents or fillers can be added to improve the overall performance of the EPDM reclaimed rubber compound and reduce the cost of the EPDM rubber products. All of the above are the advantages of EPDM reclaimed rubber, but they also have certain defects. Therefore, when using EPDM reclaimed rubber to produce rubber products, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. The tensile strength of EPDM reclaimed rubber is lower than that of other types of reclaimed rubber. For example, the tensile strength of latex reclaimed rubber, tire reclaimed rubber and nitrile reclaimed rubber may reach 18Mpa or more, and the quality of E3 C tensile strength of recycled rubber may be around 11Mpa, so EPDM reclaimed rubber for the production of high-strength rubber products need to add a good reinforcing agent and improve the physical properties of EPDM rubber products.

2, EPDM reclaimed rubber and other types of rubber, reclaimed rubber compatibility is not good, can only be used in conjunction with EPDM rubber, can not be used with unsaturated rubber, while EPDM reclaimed rubber rubber curing The speed is slow, and it is necessary to adjust the vulcanization speed through a reasonable formula to improve production efficiency.

3, EPDM reclaimed rubber self-adhesive and mutual viscosity is not as good as butyl reclaimed rubber, oil resistance is not as good as nitrile reclaimed rubber, it is mostly used in the production of waterproofing membranes, conveyor belts, cable wires, sealing rings, sealing strips, foaming Sheaths, etc. require anti-aging, corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistant rubber products. The EPDM rubber itself is difficult to process, and the EPDM reclaimed rubber is superior to the EPDM rubber in terms of processability and plasticity. For example, the EPDM seal is used as a raw material to process the Monwin Low Mooney ternary material. Ethylene-propylene reclaimed rubber has good plasticity, rolling dimension temperature, aging resistance, and tear resistance. It can be used to produce various low-grade EPDM products and save production costs.

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