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Reasons for the large difference in price of EPDM reclaimed rubber

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Reasons for the large difference in price of EPDM reclaimed rubber

The EPDM reclaimed rubber processed from waste EPDM rubber and waste EPDM rubber products retains the basic performance characteristics of EPDM rubber, and is resistant to high and low temperature, anti-aging, ozone resistance and erosion resistance. It is an ideal material to replace the original EPDM rubber; friends who use EPDM reclaimed rubber to produce rubber products know that the price difference of EPDM reclaimed rubber on the market is very large. Some products have prices above 8000, and some EPDM reclaimed rubber. The price is around 4000-5000, so what is the reason for the price difference of EPDM reclaimed rubber is so great?

1. EPDM regenerated collagen material is different

The raw materials of EPDM reclaimed rubber in the market include EPDM waste rubber and waste EPDM seals. The content of EPDM in different types of EPDM waste is different, and the higher the content of EPDM. The higher the scrap price, the higher the rubber content of the EPDM recycled rubber, the higher the mechanical strength and the better the quality. Generally, the EPDM content of the EPDM head rubber and the unvulcanized EPDM rubber is high. The produced EPDM reclaimed rubber has high index and high price; the price of used EPDM seals is low, and the produced EPDM reclaimed rubber index is relatively low and the price is low.

2, different production process equipment

The quality of EPDM reclaimed rubber produced by different raw materials is different. The quality of EPDM rubber produced by the same raw materials using advanced production technology and sophisticated production equipment is better; infrared desulfurization and staged desulfurization technology are used for desulfurization. EPDM reclaimed rubber can retain more than 90% of the original molecular weight and molecular chain structure, and is closer to the original EPDM index; the use of advanced twin-screw dual-channel filtration molding EPDM reclaimed rubber finer Good; for the reclaimed rubber factory, the advanced production technology and sophisticated production equipment are more expensive than the ordinary reclaimed rubber production process and equipment, and the cost is relatively higher when the maintenance is updated, so the production cost is higher, the EPDM reclaimed rubber The price is relatively higher.

3, the compounding agent does not need

When processing EPDM waste rubber and waste rubber EPDM rubber products into EPDM reclaimed rubber, it is necessary to add various regenerants, activators, softening oils, etc., which is also part of the production cost of reclaimed rubber; The EPDM reclaimed rubber for environmental protection testing in the EU needs to use various environmentally friendly additives. The odorless EPDM reclaimed rubber needs to meet the national odorless standard and requires the content of harmful substances to meet certain standards. The price of these environmentally friendly compounding agents is better than ordinary. The high dosage increases the production cost of EPDM reclaimed rubber. Therefore, the price of high-quality environmentally friendly EPDM reclaimed rubber and odorless EPDM reclaimed rubber is slightly higher.

The so-called "one point for one price", the high-priced EPDM reclaimed rubber has high gel content, environmentally friendly and odorless, and the indicators are closer to EPDM rubber, which can replace more production of EPDM rubber. EPDM rubber products maintain good physical properties; relatively low-priced EPDM reclaimed rubber products have a particularly low EPDM content, and low prices are natural. Therefore, the price difference of EPDM reclaimed rubber is large because the various EPDM reclaimed rubber indexes produced by various manufacturers are different. The factors affecting the EPDM reclaimed rubber index are the raw material types, production processes and various compounding agents.

There are different indicators for each type of EPDM rubber products, and there are many factors affecting the quality of EPDM products. Therefore, we cannot simply use the price theory to "length and length". The low-grade EPDM rubber sheet is completely unnecessary to use high content. The amount of environmentally friendly EPDM reclaimed rubber, the export of rubber products, the selection of cheap EPDM reclaimed rubber can not meet the relevant standards, so rubber products manufacturers must choose according to the rubber product index when selecting EPDM reclaimed rubber. Demand to choose the most suitable EPDM reclaimed rubber products, rationally look at the price difference of EPDM reclaimed rubber.