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The cloth-filled rubber sheet uses Fortune tire top reclaimed rubber

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The cloth-filled rubber sheet uses Fortune tire top reclaimed rubber

Customer Name: A Rubber & Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. in Hengshui

Products used: Fortune tire top reclaimed rubber

Use occasions: Used together with natural rubber and styrene butadiene rubber to prepare ordinary cloth rubber sheets

Case overview: A rubber and plastic technology Co., Ltd. in Hengshui has been committed to the development and production of new rubber and plastic products, mainly engaged in various rubber and plastic products such as rubber and plastic plates, seals, hoses, rubber bearings, and waterstops. In recent years, the company has been reducing raw material costs and improving market competitiveness through the rational use of reclaimed rubber in rubber and plastic products. Ordinary fabric rubber sheets are one of them.

Reason for choice: The customer initially used a small amount of natural rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber as the main raw materials to produce ordinary cloth laminated rubber sheets. Hongyun tire top reclaimed rubber has good compatibility with natural rubber and styrene butadiene rubber, and the blending effect is good; compared with ordinary full tire reclaimed rubber, Hongyun tire top reclaimed rubber has high effective rubber hydrocarbon content and better elasticity, which can be used to a certain extent. Improve the tear strength and wear resistance of the rubber sheet, and the expansion and contraction during vulcanization is smaller.

The fineness of the rubber powder used in the superfine tire top reclaimed rubber is about 80 mesh, which can be used in the production of rubber products to ensure the surface of the product is smooth and bright; Fortune tire top reclaimed rubber meets environmental protection and odorless standards, and the finished product has no irritating smell and harmful substances.

Cooperating skills: The blending ratio of tire reclaimed rubber/natural rubber/styrene-butadiene rubber in the ordinary cloth rubber sheet formula produced by this customer is 20/10/70. The traditional sulfur vulcanization system is used to cooperate, and the reinforcing carbon in the formula is appropriately increased With black dosage, the mechanical strength of the finished rubber sheet is higher; after the aging test, it is found that the aging performance is better, and it can maintain good performance for a long time. The customer stated that compared with the original rubber formula, the power consumption in the production process of the laminated rubber sheet after adding reclaimed rubber is lower.

Case summary: The customer used Hongyun tire top superfine reclaimed rubber to produce ordinary laminated rubber sheets, which reduced the raw material cost by about 15% and the production cost by about 3% on average. The yield rate was significantly improved, and the finished product was basically not in use. Problems such as shrinkage, deformation, cracking, etc. have been praised by users. In June last year, the customer added another production line to meet the ever-increasing user demand, fully opened up the domestic market, and achieved good economic benefits.

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