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Production method of EPDM rubber waterstop

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Production method of EPDM rubber waterstop

The rubber waterstop can effectively prevent water leakage in the deformation of the building during the construction of the underground outdoor wall and the post-casting belt. Natural rubber or synthetic rubber is used as the main raw material, and various vulcanizing agents, accelerators, fillers, processing aids, etc. It is processed with the compounding agent. The rubber waterstop with EPDM rubber as the main raw material has excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. In actual production, many waterstop manufacturers will use EPDM. The rubber is mixed with other raw materials to improve the performance of the waterstop and reduce the cost.

1. EPDM rubber and LDPE combined to produce rubber waterstop

Low-density polyethylene, ie high-pressure polyethylene, is a commonly used plastic with excellent rheology. It is compatible with the chemical structure and solubility of EPDM rubber, and it has thermodynamics. It is made of EPDM rubber. Adding a certain proportion of low-density polyethylene to the rubber waterstop of the main raw material can improve the overall performance of the rubber waterstop, such as mechanical strength, thereby prolonging the service life of the rubber waterstop.

2. EPDM rubber and EPDM reclaimed rubber are used together to produce rubber waterstops.

EPDM reclaimed rubber is a reclaimed rubber product processed from EPDM rubber scrap or waste EPDM rubber products. It retains the basic properties of EPDM rubber which are resistant to high and low temperature, ozone and aging. Features, good fluidity, high plasticity, small vulcanization, and much lower price than EPDM rubber. Therefore, many rubber waterstop manufacturers are more willing to use EPDM reclaimed rubber in EPDM rubber waterstops. Improve the processing performance of EPDM waterstops while reducing the production cost of rubber waterstops.

3. EPDM rubber / EPDM reclaimed rubber / LDPE combined

Compared with EPDM rubber, the mechanical strength of EPDM reclaimed rubber is slightly lower. After blending EPDM reclaimed rubber and LDPE, the impact strength of the blended material can be improved; therefore, EPDM The manufacturer of waterstops with rubber as the main raw material can also use EPDM/EPDM/LDPE to coordinate the relationship between processing performance, performance and production cost of rubber waterstop.

The quality of EPDM reclaimed rubber products on the market is uneven, and the quality of rubber waterstops is related to building safety. Therefore, when EPDM waterstop manufacturers decide to use EPDM reclaimed rubber, they should choose regular manufacturers to generate them. The high rubber content of EPDM reclaimed rubber, if lost quality for the cost, it is really lost watermelon and sesame seeds, not to mention bad sesame seeds.