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Tips for avoiding sulfur in EPDM steam hoses

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Tips for avoiding sulfur in EPDM steam hoses

EPDM reclaimed rubber has low price, excellent heat resistance and aging resistance. It can replace a certain proportion of EPDM raw rubber to produce steam hose to reduce production cost. When using EPDM reclaimed rubber to produce steam hose, the vulcanization process parameters are strictly controlled. Execution of the specified process operation can ensure sufficient vulcanization of the rubber compound, avoid the problems of mechanical strength of the rubber material that is not up to standard, increase the compression permanent deformation, reduce the viscosity, generate bubbles, etc., which are manifested in the following two aspects:

1. Control vulcanization process parameters

When using the EPDM reclaimed rubber to produce steam hose, the low vulcanization temperature, insufficient vulcanization time or too slow vulcanization rate will cause the hose to be under sulfur; the EPDM reclaimed rubber itself has excellent high temperature resistance and can appropriately raise the vulcanization temperature. Solve the problem of sulfur deficiency in EPDM steam hose; properly extend the curing time and alleviate the problem of sulfur in the inner layer of steam hose; for the problem of sulfur deficiency caused by slow vulcanization rate, the vulcanization temperature can be increased and the vulcanization pressure can be increased to appropriately accelerate the vulcanization rate. The steam hose formula can be appropriately adjusted to speed up the vulcanization rate, solve the problem of sulfur deficiency and improve the vulcanization efficiency.

2. Control the vulcanization process in time

When the EPDM reclaimed rubber is vulcanized, there is too much condensed water in the vulcanization tank, or there is condensation water in the die, too many stacking layers, which will cause the steam hose to be under sulfur. At this time, it is necessary to grasp the progress of the vulcanized hose in time. The condensed water in the steam pipe is discharged in time, and the two sections of the core are closed, or a certain degree of inclination is maintained during vulcanization, and the number of stacked layers is reduced, which can effectively avoid the quality problem caused by sulfur deficiency in the vulcanization of the EPDM reclaimed rubber steam hose. appear.

When producing steam hoses from EPDM reclaimed rubber, it is possible to alleviate the problem of sulfur deficiency by appropriately increasing the vulcanization temperature, prolonging the vulcanization time or speeding up the vulcanization rate. However, this "appropriate" must be done well, the vulcanization temperature is too high, and the vulcanization time is too long. If the vulcanization pressure is too high and the vulcanization rate is too fast, it will cause a series of problems such as excessive sulfur and scorch, so it needs to be appropriate. As a substitute for EPDM raw rubber, EPDM reclaimed rubber has a certain difference in vulcanization performance from the original rubber. Later, Xiaobian will continue to talk to you about other techniques in the vulcanization process of EPDM reclaimed rubber steam hose.