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Why do more EPDM recycled rubber products choose injection molding?

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Why do more EPDM recycled rubber products choose injection molding?

At present, there are mainly three production methods for molded rubber products, such as ordinary compression molding, transfer molding and injection molding, in which the use of EPDM reclaimed rubber to produce molded rubber products with high and low temperature resistance and excellent aging resistance is increasingly The more rubber products manufacturers give up the ordinary molding method and use injection molding, why? Is injection molding more favorable for improving the performance of EPDM recycled rubber products?

1. The production technology of EPDM reclaimed rubber is continuously improved

In recent years, the country has continuously introduced a policy of reclaimed rubber. The production equipment and production technology of the reclaimed rubber industry have developed rapidly in this environment. The mechanical strength, high and low temperature resistance and aging resistance of the EPDM rubber produced are getting closer and closer. EPDM rubber, the fineness is getting higher and higher; injection molding method adopts high-temperature rapid vulcanization technology; therefore, high-performance, high-fineness EPDM reclaimed rubber can better adapt to high-temperature rapid vulcanization technology, for injection molding The method provides better processing conditions; therefore, more and more EPDM reclaimed rubber is selected for injection molding.

2. EPDM rubber products are becoming more and more sophisticated

A large part of EPDM recycled rubber products are used in automotive rubber parts. As the demand for automobiles continues to increase, the precision of parts is particularly high, and ordinary compression molding and transfer molding methods. Can not produce more sophisticated EPDM reclaimed rubber products, so more and more EPDM reclaimed rubber products manufacturers choose injection molding.

It can be seen that the selection of injection molding by EPDM reclaimed rubber products manufacturers is not accidental, and it is a combination of technological development and actual demand. In the actual production process, the EPDM reclaimed rubber products produced by injection molding are small in vulcanization, and can be autoclaved and vulcanized in large quantities during production, minimizing labor intensity and improving production efficiency. Theoretically, EPDM is selected for injection vulcanization. The entire vulcanization process can be completed in 60 seconds at 200 ° C.

Although more manufacturers of EPDM recycled rubber products choose to use the injection method to produce recycled rubber products, it does not mean that all EPDM reclaimed rubbers can be selected for injection vulcanization. Because the injection molding method has high requirements on the high and low temperature resistance and product fineness of the rubber compound, the reclaimed rubber product manufacturer chooses the superfine EPDM reclaimed rubber of about 80 mesh in the selection of reclaimed rubber, which is EPDM reclaimed rubber. The quality of finished products has laid a good foundation; cooperate with regular large-scale reclaimed rubber manufacturers to ensure the quality stability of EPDM reclaimed rubber.