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Matters needing attention in the use of EPDM reclaimed rubber for automobile rubber joints

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Matters needing attention in the use of EPDM reclaimed rubber for automobile rubber joints

Rubber joints are widely used in automobiles, such as car door and window seals, shock absorption accessories, engine covers, etc.; rubber joints made of EPDM rubber as the main raw material have high temperature resistance, ozone resistance, excellent weather resistance and long service life. EPDM reclaimed rubber processed from EPDM unvulcanized compounded rubber or waste EPDM rubber products can replace part of EPDM raw rubber to produce various types of automotive rubber joints. Reasonable use of reclaimed rubber can reduce the cost of raw materials on the premise of ensuring quality, so what should be paid attention to during the use?

1. Pay attention to the hardness of EPDM reclaimed rubber

Choosing EPDM compound with appropriate hardness to produce rubber joints can avoid the cracking of rubber joints during use. In general, the hardness of the bonding material should be lower than the hardness of the material to be joined. A 20-degree decrease in the hardness of the material to be joined is the optimal hardness of the material used for the rubber joint. Therefore, when using EPDM reclaimed rubber instead of original rubber to produce rubber joints, it is necessary to select EPDM regenerated rubber with appropriate hardness according to the actual situation.

2. Pay attention to the fineness and impurities of EPDM reclaimed rubber

When using EPDM reclaimed rubber to reduce the raw material cost of automobile rubber joints, if the reclaimed rubber contains impurities such as fiber materials, iron sheets, etc., these impurities mixed into the rubber joints will not only affect the rubber mixing, vulcanization, molding process, It will also cause problems such as the decrease of the tensile strength of rubber joints and the occurrence of bubbles in the finished products. Therefore, when selecting EPDM rubber for rubber joints, you must choose high-fineness, impurity-free products to improve rubber joint products. Quality and yield.

In actual production, high-fineness EPDM reclaimed rubber helps to improve the processing accuracy of rubber joints.

3. Pay attention to the compression performance of EPDM reclaimed rubber

Rubber joints have high requirements for processing accuracy, so it is necessary to design rubber joint molds reasonably. Under normal circumstances, the rubber joint mold needs to be determined with reference to the cross-sectional size of the product and the shrinkage performance of the rubber itself 2LLYY79. Therefore, when using EPDM reclaimed rubber to produce rubber joints for vehicles, the compression performance of the reclaimed rubber must be taken into consideration to ensure the accuracy of the rubber joint molds and prevent the molds from being too large or too small to affect the production process and performance.

In actual operation, when designing rubber joint molds, it is also necessary to rationally design the exhaust system to avoid the occurrence of defective products caused by the failure of smooth exhaust.

4. Pay attention to the amount of EPDM reclaimed rubber

When recycled rubber replaces original rubber to reduce the production cost of rubber products, reasonable control of the amount of recycled rubber is the most important thing to ensure product quality. When using EPDM reclaimed rubber to produce low-cost and cost-effective rubber joints, rubber product manufacturers must rationally determine the amount of EPDM reclaimed rubber according to the various indexes of EPDM reclaimed rubber and the specific performance requirements of rubber joints. In order to avoid the problem that the amount of reclaimed rubber leads to the deterioration of the quality of the rubber joints.

In actual production, when rubber joints for vehicles use EPDM reclaimed rubber to reduce production costs, rubber product manufacturers also need to adjust the formula of rubber products reasonably, especially the vulcanization system and reinforcement system, such as rubber joints containing reclaimed rubber The amount of inorganic fillers such as calcium carbonate in the formula should be appropriately reduced, while reducing the production cost of rubber joints and optimizing product quality to the maximum. Later editors will continue to talk to you about the precautions on the design, formulation, mixing, vulcanization and other issues of EPDM rubber joints.