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Application skills of recycled rubber in EPDM damping materials

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Application skills of recycled rubber in EPDM damping materials

When it comes to reclaimed rubber shock absorbing materials, general rubber manufacturers will choose tire reclaimed rubber (low price), butyl reclaimed rubber (damping damping) or nitrile reclaimed rubber (oil resistant), reclaimed rubber under different use occasions and cost budget. Recycled rubber used in shock absorbing materials is different, but EPDM reclaimed rubber is not common. Why? Can EPDM reclaimed rubber be used to produce rubber shock absorbing materials? If so, what issues should I pay attention to during the application process?

1. EPDM reclaimed rubber can produce rubber shock absorbing materials

In the actual application process, it is not uncommon to produce rubber shock absorbing materials from EPDM rubber. For example, the engine shock absorber for vehicles is made of EPDM rubber as the main raw material, and has excellent high temperature resistance during use. High temperature tear resistance and compression set resistance. EPDM reclaimed rubber processed from EPDM unvulcanized rubber or waste EPDM rubber products has excellent resistance to high and low temperature and anti-aging. In theory, it can replace all or part of EPDM production. Seismic materials, to achieve the purpose of reducing costs.

2. Formulation design of damping material for EPDM recycled rubber production

Taking the rubber shock absorber for EPDM vehicles as an example, the formula is usually made of EPDM rubber as a main material, and a large amount of carbon black, an appropriate amount of softener, an active agent, a vulcanizing agent, and the like are used in combination. When using EPDM reclaimed rubber to produce rubber shock absorbing materials, rubber products manufacturers in the reinforcing system can choose to quickly press out the furnace black to further improve the stiffness, extrusion performance, heat resistance and resilience of the shock absorbing materials; Use a small amount of sulfur vulcanization, with the accelerator PZ / TMTD / M1JLYY1024; paraffin oil can be used in the softening system; if the damping material needs to be bonded to other materials, a viscous agent such as a modified alkyl phenolic resin can be added.

3. EPDM reclaimed rubber production damping material process operation

In actual production, many EPDM shock absorbing materials are used in combination with oil-filled EPDM rubber and other types of EPDM rubber; therefore, when EPDM reclaimed rubber is used in EPDM shock absorbing materials, It is advisable to use EPDM reclaimed rubber together with oil-filled EPDM rubber (usually EPDM rubber filled with naphthenic oil). The oil-filled EPDM rubber has better process performance than EPDM rubber, and has large plasticity and small shrinkage. When used together with EPDM reclaimed rubber, it is necessary to adjust the rubber mixing process conditions, appropriately increase the vulcanization temperature to improve the vulcanization efficiency, and further reduce the three. Yuan EMU damping material production costs.

Select the appropriate EPDM reclaimed rubber, and rationally design the rubber shock absorbing material process formula with EPDM reclaimed rubber as the main material. The tensile strength of EPDM shock absorbing material can reach above 15Mpa, and the elongation at break can reach 700%. The processing property and high temperature resistance of the rubber compound are better, and the deformation problem is less likely to occur during use.