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Will EPDM reclaimed rubber be used in tire production?

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Will EPDM reclaimed rubber be used in tire production?

EPDM rubber, EPDM rubber, and waste EPDM rubber processed by EPDM rubber have excellent resistance to high and low temperature, anti-aging and ozone resistance. EPDM reclaimed rubber can replace EPDM rubber produces a variety of auto parts, such as car door and window seals, all kinds of water pipes, etc., to reduce the cost of raw materials; this time the problem comes: rubber tires as the most "obvious" rubber products in the car, will be used What is EPDM reclaimed rubber? Can you reduce the cost of car tire production 1JLYY926?

EPDM rubber is not commonly used in the tire industry due to its excellent weathering and aging resistance in the automotive industry, construction industry, electrical and electronic industry, tape and sponge products. The main raw materials for automobile tires are natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber and butadiene rubber. Some tire treads, sidewalls and carcass rubbers are also blended with a certain proportion of tire tread reclaimed rubber, which is basically used in all tire parts. Less than EPDM rubber is used; generally EPDM rubber is used in combination with diene rubber to prepare white tire side, rubber strip or inner tube.

In actual production, EPDM rubber can be blended in butyl rubber to prepare automobile inner tube, which further improves the heat resistance of the inner tube of the tire and prolongs the aging time of the inner tube. This is the most common. A small amount of EPDM rubber can also be used in the preparation of white tire side of automobile tires in natural rubber, or in combination with neoprene rubber and natural rubber to produce tire tire side tires to improve aging resistance.

From the performance point of view, EPDM reclaimed rubber retains the basic performance characteristics of EPDM rubber. In theory, it can replace EPDM rubber in the production of tire inner tube, white tire side or side tire strip. From the compatibility point of view, EPDM reclaimed rubber is more compatible with EPDM rubber than other types of rubber. From the perspective of product prices, EPDM rubber is expensive, and it is usually used to reduce the cost of rubber compound. The price of EPDM reclaimed rubber is much lower than that of EPDM rubber. It is used in tire production instead of EPDM rubber. Can reduce the cost of raw materials.

In terms of performance, cost, compatibility, etc., it is feasible to replace EPDM rubber with EPDM rubber for tire inner tube, white tire side or tire strip preparation. It can also achieve good economic benefits when applied properly. . At present, the application of EPDM reclaimed rubber in automobile tires is not common. However, with the continuous advancement of reclaimed rubber production technology and the continuous upgrading of production equipment, the performance of EPDM reclaimed rubber will continue to improve, and its application in tires is worthy of us. Constantly explore and expect.