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Effect of Reinforcement System on Weather Resistance of EPDM Rubber Products

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Effect of Reinforcement System on Weather Resistance of EPDM Rubber Products

The weathering of rubber products refers to the loss of use of products under the influence of long-term sunlight, temperature, humidity, rain, frost and other factors. EPDM and EPDM reclaimed rubber are strict requirements for weather resistance. The ideal raw material for rubber products. When using EPDM rubber to produce rubber products, the type and amount of filler in the reinforcing system have a direct impact on the weathering resistance of rubber products.

1. Carbon black can improve the resistance of dark EPDM rubber products to sunlight

Carbon black is the most commonly used reinforcing agent for dark EPDM rubber products. It has a strong absorption effect on ultraviolet light. The smaller the particle size and the larger the amount, the better the absorption effect of EPDM rubber on ultraviolet light. The stronger the resistance; therefore, the use of carbon black to reinforce rubber EPDM rubber products generally does not require the use of specific anti-aging agents, only long-term exposure of rubber products need to be equipped with an appropriate amount of amine anti-aging agent or UV shielding agent to improve ternary The resistance of ethylene-propylene rubber products to sunlight prevents local cracking and aging.

2. Reinforcing filler commonly used in light-colored EPDM rubber products and its resistance to weathering

Light-colored EPDM/recycled rubber products generally use light-colored rubber reinforcing fillers such as silica, talc, light calcium, titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide. Under normal circumstances, a large number of rubber products using light calcium are prone to yellowing during use; zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, etc. can shield ultraviolet rays, but the shielding effect is lower than that of carbon black, so the production of light-colored EPDM rubber products It is necessary to add an anti-aging agent with remarkable anti-sunlight aging effect, such as p-phenylenediamine anti-aging agent, phenolic anti-aging agent, paraffin wax or ultraviolet absorber; it should be noted that p-phenylenediamine anti-aging agent is prone to discoloration pollution, and caution .

EPDM rubber or EPDM reclaimed rubber itself has excellent weathering resistance, but most of the rubber compounds can not meet the demand of products, especially rubber products with strict requirements on weather resistance; in the reinforcing filling system Reinforcing agent and filler are the second-time rubber compounding agent. The weather resistance directly affects the performance of rubber products. Rubber products manufacturers must choose reinforcing agents and fillers reasonably to improve the weather resistance of EPDM rubber products. Aging.