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Reinforcing filler in natural rubber products

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Reinforcing filler in natural rubber products

Natural rubber has good elasticity and high mechanical strength, but its market price is high and it is easy to be affected by climate disasters. Many rubber products manufacturers will add a lot of reinforcing fillers in the production process to balance the relationship between quality and cost; There are many kinds of fillers, so which rubber fillers can be used in natural rubber products, which can reduce the cost of raw materials and ensure the excellent physical and mechanical properties of natural rubber products?

Carbon black

As the largest reinforcing filler in the rubber industry, carbon black is mainly used for reinforcing. It can further improve the wear resistance and tear strength of rubber in the production of natural rubber products. There are many kinds of carbon black, and natural rubber products manufacturers need Choose the right carbon black according to the special needs of rubber products.

Under normal circumstances, rubber products with extremely high wear resistance can be used with N110 series super wear-resistant carbon black, N220 series of super wear-resistant carbon black and N330 series of high wear-resistant carbon black; using natural rubber to produce tear strength For large rubber products, channel black or modified furnace black can be used; fast-pressing carbon black, general carbon black, and semi-reinforcing furnace black are often used in low mechanical strength, but high flexibility and processing performance. In natural rubber products.

2. White carbon black

Carbon black is mostly used in the production of black natural rubber products or dark natural rubber products. When using natural rubber to produce light-colored or colored rubber products, carbon black is used instead of carbon black, and organic active agents DEG, glycerin and TEA are used together. PEG, etc., adjust the vulcanization rate of natural rubber products, improve the abrasion resistance and tear strength of natural rubber products; or use modified ultra-fine calcium carbonate in natural rubber products to obtain better reinforcing effect.

The reinforcing effect of reinforcing filler in natural rubber products is not only related to its kind, but also related to the particle size, surface activity and PH value of reinforcing filler. The smaller the particle size and the larger the specific surface area, the rubber filler in natural rubber. The better the reinforcing effect, the different fillers are used when different types of natural rubber products use rubber filler. Theoretically, the highest strength can be obtained when the amount of reinforcing filler reaches 40-45 parts. In low-strength, low-cost rubber products, a large amount of clay, high clay, light calcium carbonate and recycled rubber powder can be added to reduce the production cost. .

Natural rubber itself has poor aging resistance. Therefore, rubber manufacturers need to carefully select anti-aging agents, rationally design anti-aging systems for natural rubber products, and extend the service life of natural rubber products. Later, Xiaobian can discuss with you.