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The role of talcum powder in special reclaimed rubber products

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The role of talcum powder in special reclaimed rubber products

In the formulation of recycled rubber products, we often see the shadow of talcum powder, which is mostly used as a rubber filler. So why does talc powder appear frequently in the formulation of recycled rubber products, and the entire rubber products industry favors it? The reason why talcum powder is popular in the production of reclaimed rubber products is inseparable from its unique internal structure; it is also due to its molecular structure and performance characteristics that talcum powder plays an important role in reclaimed rubber products. The role of substitution.

Talc powder is a talc (the talc crystal structure is layered). It is made by crushing, hydrochloric acid treatment, water washing and drying. Its main component is hydrous magnesium silicate, which has good gloss, high melting point and chemical inactivity. It contains hydrous magnesium silicate. Good adsorption, lubricity, insulation, acid resistance, etc., can improve the heat resistance, permeability resistance, chemical resistance, weather resistance, fatigue cracking, etc. of recycled rubber products; talc powder in different types of regeneration The main role of rubber products is different, a few examples:

1. Talc powder improves the aging resistance of recycled rubber products

The factors causing the aging of reclaimed rubber products mainly include heat, oxygen, ozone and climate change. Talc powder can improve the heat resistance of reclaimed rubber products. For rubber products that leak in the air for a long time, talcum powder can reduce the external environment. The effect of the properties of recycled rubber products; when the regenerated rubber products are selected for peroxide vulcanization, the talc powder can also prevent the by-products of peroxide vulcanization from being precipitated on the surface, delaying the blooming and discoloration.

2. Talc powder improves the chemical stability of recycled rubber products

Talc powder itself has resistance to water, acid, alkali and organic matter. Its own flaky form can also reduce the diffusion rate of chemicals into reclaimed rubber, which can give good chemical stability to reclaimed rubber products, such as EPDM reclaimed rubber production. Part of the carbon black in the coolant hose formulation can be replaced with talc to maintain high elongation at break for a long time.

3. Talc powder improves the permeability resistance of recycled rubber products

In theory, the lamellar structure and high length and width of talc will reduce the permeability of gas and liquid to rubber materials, thereby reducing the diffusion of liquids and gases in reclaimed rubber. There are various fine talcum powders on the market, among which ultrafine talc The aspect ratio of powder can increase the barrier effect of reclaimed rubber; manufacturers who use butyl reclaimed rubber to produce high airtight and watertight rubber products will also add appropriate amount of ultrafine talcum powder to the product formula to further improve recycled rubber products. Resistance to penetration.

For rubber products manufacturers, talcum powder has low price, white color and easy dispersion, which can reduce the cost of rubber compound, and can improve the processing technology of rubber compound and the performance of finished products. Even colored rubber products will not give color ribbons. Come to influence. The biggest wish of rubber products companies using reclaimed rubber is to ensure quality and reduce costs. The talcum powder has a lot of positive rubber fillers for reclaimed rubber products. Later, the small series will discuss with you the role and skill of using it.