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Rubber plug uses EPDM recycled rubber to reduce cost formula

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Rubber plug uses EPDM recycled rubber to reduce cost formula

EPDM rubber is a terpolymer of ethylene, propylene and non-conjugated diene. The main polymer chain is completely saturated, essentially non-polar, resistant to aging and electrical insulation. It is widely used in the production of various types of rubber plugs. The EPDM reclaimed rubber is made of EPDM rubber or waste EPDM rubber as the main raw material. It can replace the EPDM raw rubber to produce rubber plugs in whole or in part, reducing the cost of raw materials.

70 parts of EPDM, 70 parts of EPDM, 5 parts of zinc oxide, 2 parts of stearic acid, 20 parts of carbon black, 50 parts of talc, 40 parts of paraffin oil, 3 parts of processing aid, paraffin 2 parts, 3.5 parts of accelerator, 1.5 parts of vulcanizing agent DTDM, 0.5 parts of sulfur dispersion; total: 267.5 parts.

At present, the price of EPDM rubber is around 14900-18000 yuan / ton, the price of high-quality EPDM rubber will not exceed 8,000 yuan / ton, and the price of ordinary seal strip DM 3 reclaimed rubber will even be 5,000 yuan / ton. In the following, the replacement of some EPDM rubber with EPDM reclaimed rubber can significantly reduce the cost of raw materials; the higher the ethylene-propylene content of EPDM in the market, the higher the price, but at the same time it can replace more threes. Ethylene-propylene raw rubber is an ideal raw material for the production of high-quality rubber plugs. Many YB rubber plugs can even use EPDM reclaimed rubber completely.

When using EPDM reclaimed rubber to reduce the production cost of rubber products, rubber manufacturers need to properly adjust the rubber zsj product formula.

1 Reinforcement filling: Compared with EPDM rubber, the mechanical strength of EPDM reclaimed rubber is low. Appropriate increase of carbon black dosage can further improve the mechanical strength of rubber plug. The fast extrusion of carbon black N550 can give the rubber good stiffness. , elasticity, recovery and mechanical strength, the rubber plug produced has small expansion and contraction, high temperature resistance and good thermal conductivity; talcum powder can be evenly dispersed in EPDM rubber, which can improve the shape stability, reduce deformation and increase flexion of rubber plug. Strength and shear strength, etc.

2 vulcanization system: When using EPDM reclaimed rubber/rubber and producing rubber electric plug, rubber products manufacturers generally choose vulcanizing agent DTDM vulcanization, and use rubber accelerator and sulfur dispersion 1JLYY1127; the vulcanization temperature range is wide, up to 180 °C It is not anti-origin, not easy to spray, does not change color, vulcanized rubber has excellent physical and mechanical properties and aging resistance; zinc oxide and stearic acid can activate the whole vulcanization system and improve the cross-linking density and aging resistance of vulcanized rubber.

EPDM reclaimed rubber/original rubber production rubber plugs also need to be combined with appropriate amount of paraffin wax and processing aids to further improve the anti-aging performance of rubber plugs and improve the processing performance of rubber compounds. Xiaobian will not elaborate here. The editor will continue to share with you the issue of reducing the cost of producing rubber plugs using recycled rubber.