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Adjusting the natural rubber attracting hose formula containing reclaimed rubber

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Adjusting the natural rubber attracting hose formula containing reclaimed rubber

At present, many attracting hoses processed with natural rubber as the main raw material are blended with a certain proportion of reclaimed rubber to reduce the cost of raw materials. The formulation of the rubber product is closely related to the quality of the finished product. When the reclaimed rubber is added to the natural rubber suction hose, how much reclaimed rubber should be added, it is not necessary to adjust the amount of other compounding agents in the suction hose formula; and the natural rubber suction hose containing the reclaimed rubber is adjusted. What points should you pay attention to when formulating?

Point 1: Pay attention to the proportion of reclaimed rubber

Recycled rubber is much lower than natural rubber. Especially for tire reclaimed rubber processed from waste tires, the use of reclaimed rubber in natural rubber suction hoses is an effective measure to reduce costs; however, the mechanical properties and feel of reclaimed rubber and natural rubber exist. A certain gap, the addition of reclaimed rubber will affect the various indexes of the suction hose to a certain extent (this effect can be neglected in the case of proper amount of reclaimed rubber, or improved by other coordination systems), so it is necessary to properly control the proportion of reclaimed rubber. 100 parts of natural rubber is mixed with 100 parts of reclaimed rubber, and the proportion of reclaimed rubber is not too much.

Point 2: Pay attention to the types of vulcanization accelerators in reclaimed rubber natural rubber suction hose formulations

When the natural rubber/recycled rubber is used together to produce the suction hose, a sulfur vulcanization system is generally used, wherein the type and amount of the vulcanization accelerator affect the vulcanization degree of the rubber compound and the vulcanized rubber product, and the accelerator M and the accelerator DM are usually used in combination, wherein the accelerator M is used. It belongs to the speeding accelerator and is a common variety of natural rubber products. It can also increase the plasticity of the rubber to a certain extent during vulcanization, but its critical temperature of vulcanization is low, and the rubber compound is prone to early vulcanization reaction; the accelerator DM is a general-purpose accelerator. Easy to disperse, no pollution, with zinc oxide and stearic acid can coordinate the vulcanization speed of reclaimed rubber and avoid scorch. The amount of vulcanizing agent and accelerator in the natural rubber suction hose formulation containing reclaimed rubber is determined according to actual needs.

Point 3: Pay attention to the interaction between the various ingredients in the suction hose formula

The mechanical strength of the suction hose will be reduced with the addition of the reclaimed rubber. The reinforcing agent can be used to make up for this deficiency. Generally, the natural rubber containing the reclaimed rubber attracts the rubber tube to use the semi-reinforcing carbon black to improve the suction hose. The tensile strength increases the rubber elasticity and aging resistance, and has the dual functions of reinforcing and filling. Semi-reinforcing carbon black will have certain influence on the process performance while improving the hardness of the rubber compound, and it is also necessary to use softeners such as pine tar and engine oil.

When the reclaimed rubber is blended in the natural rubber suction hose formula, it is not only necessary to adjust the suction hose formula, but also to properly adjust the mastication process, the mixing process, the vulcanization conditions, etc., and have the opportunity to talk again.