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Ways to improve the anti-aging properties of natural rubber products

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Ways to improve the anti-aging properties of natural rubber products

Natural rubber has good elasticity and physical and mechanical strength. It is the most common raw material used in rubber products. However, natural rubber itself has weak resistance to external environment and extreme conditions, and it is prone to aging, which seriously affects the service life of natural rubber products. . Therefore, it is imperative to improve the anti-aging performance of natural rubber products, so how to operate rubber products manufacturers, you may wish to start from the following three aspects.

1.Use with synthetic rubber

As a general-purpose rubber, natural rubber has good compatibility with general-purpose rubbers such as styrene-butadiene rubber, butadiene rubber and isoprene rubber. Therefore, natural rubber products can be used together with styrene-butadiene rubber to improve the resistance of natural rubber products. Grindability, heat resistance, aging resistance; combined with butadiene rubber to improve the cold resistance, wear resistance, heat resistance of natural rubber products; and with isoprene rubber to improve the low temperature resistance of the rubber compound. Natural rubber can also be used together with a small amount of EPDM rubber to significantly improve the high temperature resistance and aging resistance of rubber products.

2. Use rubber anti-aging agent

Rubber anti-aging agent is the best product to improve the anti-aging performance of rubber products. Different kinds of rubber anti-aging agents have different resistance to the external environment. Under normal circumstances, natural rubber products need to have anti-aging effect against thermal aging. Agent RD, anti-aging agent A, the dosage is controlled between 1-2 parts; when improving the ozone aging resistance of natural rubber products, try anti-aging agent 4020, anti-aging agent 4010NA, anti-aging agent AW, anti-aging agent 3100, etc., the dosage is controlled at 3 -5 parts; when using natural rubber to produce light-colored rubber products, it is necessary to use non-polluting anti-aging agents such as anti-aging agent MB, anti-aging agent SP, anti-aging agent SP-C, anti-aging agent 246 and so on.

Generally, a certain kind of anti-aging agent can not meet the demand of natural rubber products. Two or more kinds of anti-aging agents can be used together to improve the aging resistance of natural rubber products. To further improve the aging resistance of natural rubber products, rubber products manufacturers can also Add a small amount of microcrystalline wax to the formulation.

3. Mix with appropriate amount of latex reclaimed rubber

Latex reclaimed rubber has always played an important role in reducing the cost of producing natural rubber products and is the first choice to reduce the cost of producing rubber products. Latex reclaimed rubber processed from waste natural rubber and waste latex products contains a certain amount of anti-aging agent. Therefore, using a certain proportion of latex reclaimed rubber in natural rubber products can not only reduce production cost, but also improve natural rubber products. Anti-aging properties, thus extending the life of the product.

Improve the aging resistance of natural rubber products. You can also start with the product vulcanization system, reinforcing system, softening system, etc., and adjust the product formula. What good opinions and suggestions do you have?