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Multiple effects of a small amount of tire reclaimed rubber in tread rubber

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Multiple effects of a small amount of tire reclaimed rubber in tread rubber

Nowadays, many tire manufacturers add reclaimed rubber to the tread and sidewall. The tire tread is used as the part of the whole tire that directly contacts the ground. It has high requirements on the wear resistance and heat dissipation of the rubber. In the tire tread rubber, the proportion of blending is low, so what is the role of a small amount of tire reclaimed rubber in the tread rubber, just to reduce the cost of raw materials?

First, Xiaobian and everyone share a natural rubber and butadiene rubber production car tire tread with reclaimed rubber formula: natural rubber, 50 parts; butadiene rubber, 50 parts; tire reclaimed rubber, 15 parts; zinc oxide, 5 parts ; stearic acid, 3 parts; sulfur, 0.3 parts; accelerator CZ, 0.9 parts; anti-aging agent, 2.8 parts; carbon black, 55 parts; motor oil, 5 parts; coumarone, 2 parts; paraffin, 1 part; : 190 copies.

In the above formula, the rubber product manufacturer can use the anti-aging agent 4010, the anti-aging agent A and the anti-aging agent RD together, wherein the anti-aging agent 4010 has excellent protection performance against the bending fatigue caused by ozone, wind erosion and mechanical stress, and the anti-aging agent A to oxygen The aging caused by heat and flexion has protective properties. The anti-aging agent RD has excellent anti-aging effect caused by heat and oxygen. The combination of the three can comprehensively alleviate the aging phenomenon of the tire tread; High wear-resistant carbon black is used to reinforce and improve the wear resistance and puncture resistance of the tire tread.

Having said that so much has not "pulled" the tire reclaimed rubber, then what is the role of these 15 tire reclaimed rubber in the tire tread?

Role 1: Reduce raw material costs. At present, the market price of tire reclaimed rubber is between 1,500 and 4,500 yuan / ton. The price difference of tire reclaimed rubber of different fineness and different indexes produced by different types of automobile tires is very large, but the highest is between 4500. The price of natural rubber is also at least 10,000 yuan / ton, while butadiene rubber is the second largest synthetic rubber after styrene-butadiene rubber. The current price is 3000-5000 yuan / ton higher than natural rubber, mixed with 15%. The tire reclaimed rubber can still reduce the cost of a part of the rubber.

Role 2: Improve the processing technology. The tire reclaimed rubber has good fluidity, high plasticity, good vulcanization flatness, small vulcanization, fast powder in the mixing process, and it is not easy to take off the roll. The rubber has good flexibility and adhesion, which is used for subsequent vulcanization and molding. Good foundation, and to some extent improve the safety of the vulcanization operation, and help the tire tread to be smoothly extruded.

Role 3: Reduce production energy consumption. Tire reclaimed rubber is easy to mix with raw rubber and compounding agent, easy to disperse, low power consumption during mixing, short molding time, fast extrusion speed and less heat generation, which can reduce the cost of rubber compound and improve production efficiency and reduce Power consumption during tire tread production.

Role 4: Improve tire tread performance. The tire reclaimed rubber undergoes intense treatment such as vulcanization, mixing and oxidation during the processing, and the expansion and contraction is small. The finished tread size and shape produced by the tire tread formula are more stable; the rubber hydrocarbon after treatment is already in the process. The steady state itself contains a certain proportion of anti-aging agent, so it can improve the natural aging of the tire tread, thermal oxygen aging and prolong the service life.