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Tread reclaimed rubber production rubber outsole for formula (1)

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Tread reclaimed rubber production rubber outsole for formula (1)

Tire tread reclaimed rubber produced from waste tire tread rubber powder has high rubber content, small specific gravity and good wear resistance. It can be used as the main material of ordinary rubber outsole to ensure the performance of rubber outsole and significantly reduce production cost. The use of a small amount of natural rubber in the rubber outsole produced by the tread reclaimed rubber can further improve the elasticity and comfort of the rubber outsole without burdening the production cost.

Tread reclaimed rubber production rubber outsole for formula

Natural rubber, 30 parts; tread reclaimed rubber, 150 parts; zinc oxide, 5 parts; St, 2.3 parts; sulfur, 2.7 parts; accelerator D, 0.75 parts; accelerator DM, 0.5 parts; accelerator CZ, 0.2 parts Lide powder, 17 parts; clay, 13 parts; Gumaron, 1.5 parts; anti-aging agent D, 2 parts; total: 224.95 parts.

In the rubber outsole formula with tread reclaimed rubber as the main raw material, most of the accelerator D, the accelerator DM and the accelerator CZ are used together, wherein the accelerator D is a medium-speed accelerator commonly used in natural rubber and synthetic rubber; DM is a general-purpose acid promoter, which is easy to disperse and pollution-free in rubber compound. It has excellent anti-aging property after vulcanization. Accelerator CZ is a highly active after-effect accelerator with excellent anti-scoring performance. Safety, short curing time; the combination of accelerator D/DM/CZ can reduce the scorch rate of rubber outsole rubber, reduce the occurrence of scorch, and further increase the tensile strength, tensile stress and elongation at break of vulcanized rubber compound. And other indicators.

Lithopone is a mixture of zinc sulfide and barium sulfate. It is a white crystalline powder. It is a commonly used colorant in the rubber industry. It not only has good whiteness of masking power, but also has excellent heat resistance and weather resistance. It can be used in rubber outsole. Improve the appearance of rubber outsole and anti-aging performance; rubber anti-aging agent D is a general-purpose anti-aging agent for natural rubber, synthetic rubber and latex. It can improve the sole to heat and oxygen in the rubber outsole with tread reclaimed rubber as the main raw material. , flexing cracks and other factors that cause rubber aging factors; clay can not only improve the whiteness of the reclaimed rubber sole, but also improve the stiffness, viscosity and adsorption, and improve the life of the tread reclaimed rubber outsole.

In addition, in the tread reclaimed rubber outsole formula, adding a small amount of zinc oxide can improve the activity of the vulcanization system; coumarone has good compatibility with rubber and is easy to penetrate, which can reduce the intermolecular force, reduce the Mooney viscosity, and improve the rubber compound. Plasticity, promote the dispersion of the compounding agent, thereby improving the physical and mechanical properties and aging resistance of the rubber outsole. When producing rubber outsole, the company can not only use tread rubber and natural rubber, but also mix appropriate amount of tire rubber powder to further reduce costs. Xiaobian will discuss it with you later.