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Tread reclaimed rubber production rubber outsole for formula (2)

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Tread reclaimed rubber production rubber outsole for formula (2)

The production of rubber outsole with a certain proportion of natural rubber in the tread reclaimed rubber can reduce the production cost of the rubber outsole, and also ensure the good elasticity, comfort and wear resistance of the rubber outsole. It can be said that the tread reclaimed rubber is ordinary. The ideal raw material for the rubber outsole; the tread reclaimed rubber is the main raw material, and the rubber outsole produced by mixing a certain amount of natural rubber, butadiene rubber and tire tread rubber powder can also achieve good economic benefits.

Tread reclaimed rubber / natural rubber / butadiene rubber / tread rubber powder and used to produce rubber outsole for formula

Tread reclaimed rubber, 100 parts; tire tread rubber powder, 50 parts; natural rubber, 40 parts; butadiene rubber, 40 parts; sulfur, 4 parts; accelerator M, 2.5 parts; accelerator DM, 2.3 parts; TMTD, 0.1 parts; zinc oxide, 8 parts; St, 4 parts; PE, 20 parts; clay, 40 parts; calcium carbonate, 40 parts; high wear-resistant carbon black, 45 parts; anti-aging agent D, 1 part; , 25 copies; total: 421.9.

Tests show that the rubber outsole produced by this formula has a Shore hardness of 64 degrees, a tensile strength of 10.5 MPa, a tensile elongation of 480%, and a permanent deformation of 28%.

In the above formula, natural rubber has high mechanical strength, good elasticity, resistance to flexing, and low heat generation; butadiene rubber has excellent elasticity, cold resistance and wear resistance after vulcanization; tread reclaimed rubber is used as a renewable resource for reprocessing of used tires. The product has low price, small specific gravity and excellent wear resistance. The combination of the three can alleviate the cost pressure brought by the high-priced natural rubber and raw rubber to the rubber outsole manufacturer, reduce the production cost, and improve the elasticity and resilience of the rubber sole. , wear resistance, low temperature softness and comfort, improve the comprehensive index of rubber outsole while extending the service life.

In the formula of tread reclaimed rubber/natural rubber/butadiene rubber, the indexes of the rubber sole are affected by the vulcanization system, the reinforcing filling system, the softening system and the anti-aging system, especially the vulcanization system, which is vulcanized with sulfur as a vulcanizing agent. The physical and mechanical properties of the rubber compound are higher. The combination of the accelerator M, the accelerator DM and the accelerator TMTD can not only better control the vulcanization speed, but also improve the vulcanization effect of the vulcanizate.

Calcium carbonate and clay are the most commonly used fillers in rubber products, which can increase the volume of rubber products, improve the processing technology of rubber products, and reduce the production cost. Filling the rubber outsole formula with high wear-resistant carbon black can further improve the pulling of rubber soles. Extensive strength, tear strength and wear resistance, eliminating the negative impact of inorganic high proportion filling non-reinforcing filler on various indexes of rubber outsole; in rubber outsole with tread reclaimed rubber as main material The addition of an appropriate amount of polyethylene resin can significantly improve the impact resistance of the rubber outsole.

When using tread reclaimed rubber and natural rubber, butadiene rubber to produce rubber soles, in addition to the rubber product formula design, it is also necessary to pay attention to the production processes such as mastication, mixing, vulcanization and molding, especially the natural rubber and smooth After the butadiene plastic is fully plasticized, it is mixed with the tread reclaimed rubber. The use of tread reclaimed rubber in combination with other rubbers or the use of tread reclaimed rubber in other rubber materials to produce rubber outsole can reduce the cost of raw materials. Rubber sole manufacturers can use the above formula as a reference to properly adjust the amount of tread reclaimed rubber. Xiaobian will share more about the rubber outsole formula for reclaimed rubber production in the later stage.