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Tire reclaimed rubber production tire tread rubber formula

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Tire reclaimed rubber production tire tread rubber formula

Nowadays, many automobile tire manufacturers add a small amount of tire reclaimed rubber to the formula, and the dosage ranges from 5 to 15 parts. Relatively speaking, the tire reclaimed rubber is more used in the production of the treaded tread rubber. To ensure good resilience, wear resistance, tear resistance and flexing resistance of automobile tires, automobile tires can maintain good driving safety for a long time. So which kind of tire reclaimed rubber is best used in tire reclaimed rubber? What is the application ratio? What combination of ingredients should be used to further improve the performance of the tread rubber?

Natural rubber, 70 parts; tire reclaimed rubber, 50 parts; sulfur, 2.5 parts; accelerator, 0.8 parts; zinc oxide, 5 parts; stearic acid, 3 parts; retarder, 0.5 parts; carbon black, 36 parts; , 0.6 parts; pine tar, 5 parts; anti-aging agent, 2 parts, total: 175.4 parts.

1. Which kind of tire reclaimed rubber is best for using tire tread rubber?

The tire reclaimed rubber has tread reclaimed rubber, sidewall reclaimed rubber and ring reclaimed rubber. It can be divided into ultra-fine reclaimed rubber and fine reclaimed rubber according to the fineness. According to environmental protection standards, there are environmentally-friendly reclaimed rubber, odorless reclaimed rubber and ordinary regeneration. Glue, etc., also include the high-strength reclaimed rubber that is often said on the market. It can be said that the types of tire reclaimed rubber are dazzling, but the quality is uneven. So which kind of reclaimed rubber is suitable for use in the production of retread tread rubber? Xiaobian recommends the use of tire tread as raw material tread reclaimed rubber, which has high rubber content, good elasticity, small specific gravity, high strength, wear resistance and flex resistance. It should be used as high as possible under the premise of tensile strength. Fine tread reclaimed rubber.

2. What is the best application ratio of tire tire reclaimed rubber in tire tread rubber?

Under normal circumstances, based on 100 parts of natural rubber, 60 parts of tire reclaimed rubber can be added, which can ensure the physical properties of the tread rubber, and can improve the tread rubber process operation and reduce the production cost. For some small cars. The tire can appropriately increase the proportion of tire reclaimed rubber. The ratio of natural rubber to tire reclaimed rubber in the above formula is 70:50, which is for reference only.

3. Which compounding agent is used for the tread rubber?

When natural rubber/tire reclaimed rubber is used together to produce retread tread rubber, sulfur, accelerator, zinc oxide, stearic acid, carbon black, rubber oil and anti-aging agent are all necessary compounding agents. Tire tread formula. In this article, I would like to emphasize the types and amounts of accelerators, carbon blacks and antioxidants.

1Accelerator CZ is a highly active after-effect accelerator with short curing time and excellent scorch resistance. It can be used as a main accelerator with the aid of DM to better adjust and use the vulcanization effect and vulcanization speed of the rubber. And the ratio of 7:1; 2 high wear-resistant carbon black can give the rubber product tensile strength, tear strength, wear resistance and aging performance second only to the super wear-resistant carbon black, used for tire tread can improve wear resistance And puncture resistance; 3 anti-aging agent PA has good protection against aging caused by oxygen, heat and flexion. Anti-aging agent 4010 is an excellent protection against ozone, wind erosion and mechanical stress caused by flex fatigue. Anti-aging agent, both can be used in a ratio of 3:2.

Tire reclaimed rubber can not only be used in the production of new tires, but also can be used to produce retread tread rubber, reduce production costs and improve economic efficiency. For rubber tire manufacturers, natural rubber + styrene-butadiene rubber + reclaimed rubber + Carbon black is the most commonly used production method, in which latex reclaimed rubber in reclaimed rubber products can also “glow and heat” in tire production.