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Tread reclaimed rubber production rubber seal formula

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Tread reclaimed rubber production rubber seal formula

The rubber seal is used as a leak-proof round rubber product. It is generally made of high-elastic natural rubber. It has good flex resistance and electrical insulation, such as sealing rings, gaskets, flange pads, etc. Recycled rubber is a type of reclaimed rubber processed from waste tire tread rubber powder. It has good compatibility with natural rubber. It can significantly reduce the cost of rubber compound and can further improve the sealing. Wear resistance and aging resistance.

Natural rubber seals with tread reclaimed rubber Applicable formula: natural rubber, 100 parts; tread reclaimed rubber, 86 parts; zinc oxide, 5 parts; stearic acid, 3 parts; accelerator, 2 parts; 5 parts; anti-aging agent, 1.2 parts; paraffin wax, 0.5 parts; wollastonite powder, 80 parts; total: 282.7 parts.

Natural rubber and tread reclaimed rubber are used together to produce rubber seals. In order to ensure the smoothness of the seal surface and good sealing effect, it is necessary to use a high-density, impurity-free tread reclaimed rubber to promote the agent M as an acidic thiazole accelerator. Promoter DM is a basic bismuth promoter, and accelerator CZ is a neutral sulfenamide promoter. The combination of the three can better coordinate the vulcanization rate and improve the tensile strength, tensile strength, hardness and wear resistance of the rubber. The anti-aging agent A and the anti-aging agent D can improve the protective effect of the regenerative rubber seal on the aging phenomenon caused by heat, oxygen and flexion, and the inhibition of harmful metal ions.

When it comes to reinforcing agents and fillers, I believe that the first thing that comes to mind is the typical reinforcing filler carbon black and the non-reinforcing filler light calcium! However, in the above formula, the reinforcing filling system selected the compounding agent of wollastonite powder. Why?

The natural wollastonite powder in wollastonite powder is a commonly used variety in the rubber product industry. It is white, non-toxic and has a special needle-like structure. After superfine pulverization and surface modification, it is an ideal reinforcing filler for the rubber industry. The carbon black which significantly improves the tensile strength, tear strength, abrasion resistance and aging performance of rubber products is lower in price, and is faster, easier to disperse, and has better reinforcing performance than low-priced light calcium carbonate. Improves the mechanical properties of rubber seals while significantly reducing the cost of producing natural rubber/recycled seals.

When using tread reclaimed rubber in natural rubber seals, not only the quality and index of tread reclaimed rubber should be paid attention to, but also the amount of tread reclaimed rubber should be properly controlled. Pay attention to the moisture of various powdery compounding agents in rubber seal formulations. The content, pH value, mesh number, etc., minimize the raw material cost and production energy consumption under the premise of ensuring the smoothness of the surface of the seal and the sealing effect.