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Recycled plastic tires can be produced (1)

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Recycled plastic tires can be produced (1)

More than 90% of the car tires on the street are black, and rare car tires are rarely seen. The rubber raw materials commonly used to produce tires are natural rubber or synthetic rubber, and low-priced reclaimed rubber seems to be less popular in tire production. Why is that? Can reclaimed rubber really not produce tires?

Recycled rubber products have large flex cracks and poor tear strength, which is the disadvantage of reclaimed rubber. This is also true. Automobile tires with extremely high requirements on the strength, elasticity and wear resistance of rubber raw materials are generally not produced using reclaimed rubber. However, in fact, reclaimed rubber can not only produce automobile tires, but also produce colorful tires with individuality. Of course, this is directly related to the quality of reclaimed rubber products.

Recycled rubber products used in the production of colored car tires generally use white latex reclaimed rubber, mainly because:

1. The white latex reclaimed rubber product has white color compared with other reclaimed rubber. It is easy to match color when producing light or colored car tires, which not only saves raw material cost, but also saves high price of titanium dioxide. The color tires are brighter in color;

2. The white latex reclaimed rubber is processed by using natural rubber waste rubber cup, waste rubber yarn, waste rubber material and light-colored waste latex product as the main raw materials. The product has similar properties to natural rubber and is also resistant to aging resistance and plasticity. It is superior to natural rubber, so it can not only ensure the physical properties of automobile tires, but also improve the aging resistance of tires and save the cost of plasticating;

3, the price of white latex reclaimed rubber is basically one-third of the price of natural rubber, so the use of some latex reclaimed rubber instead of natural rubber to produce car tires can greatly reduce the cost of raw materials.

When rubber products manufacturers choose to produce latex reclaimed rubber for automobile tires, it is best to choose products with high rubber content. Although the price is high, the high rubber content of latex reclaimed rubber is very close to natural rubber and can be replaced by The production of automotive tires from natural rubber guarantees excellent product quality.