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Wire clamp adhesive with high strength reclaimed rubber

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Wire clamp adhesive with high strength reclaimed rubber

High-strength reclaimed rubber is a tire reclaimed rubber with a tensile strength of 10-18 MPa which is processed by using waste tires as raw materials through various processes such as picking, cleaning, milling, desulfurization, magnetic separation and sheet forming. In the production of wire rubber with natural rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber as the main raw materials, the production cost is reduced and the economic benefit is improved.

1. Wire laminating rubber is mixed with tire reclaimed rubber to improve the mixing process: high-strength reclaimed rubber is a product processed from used tires. It has fast vulcanization speed, good vulcanization flatness, small vulcanization and can not affect rubber and steel wire. Under the premise of adhesion, the vulcanization rate is shortened, the scorch time is shortened, and the scorch safety is improved to promote scorch; carbon black is a commonly used reinforcing agent in the production of steel wire encapsulation, and a certain amount is added in the steel wire encapsulation. High-strength reclaimed rubber can also shorten the time for carbon black to run into the compound and improve the compounding process.

2, steel wire rubber mixed with tire reclaimed rubber to improve product performance: high-strength reclaimed rubber in the production process experienced vulcanization, mixing, oxidation and other intense processing procedures, rubber has been in a stable state, natural aging, thermal aging The resistance effect is better than natural rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber, which can improve the aging resistance of steel wire encapsulation. The high-strength reclaimed rubber rubber processed from tire tread is high in hydrocarbon content, good in elasticity and strong in strength, and is used in steel wire. In the encapsulation, the amount of natural rubber can be reduced while ensuring that the hardness, tensile strength and elongation at break of the rubber remain unchanged.

3, steel wire laminating with tire reclaimed rubber to improve formula design: in the actual production, experimental production formula has a certain gap, rubber products manufacturers can be properly adjusted, such as adding a small amount of anti-scorch agent to further improve the safety of scorch; For the choice of reinforcing agent, carbon black N660 and carbon black N750 with good processing property, good elasticity and flex resistance can be used together; a small amount of cobalt salt is used to increase the adhesion between the rubber and the metal, and the cobalt salt steel wire hose is mixed. The compounding agent; the dispersing agent DZ has good dispersibility in the rubber compound, and can also improve the adhesion to a certain extent; the activity discussion improves the surface coating of the steel wire lamination.

Many rubber products manufacturers usually fill a large amount of calcium carbonate when producing steel wire laminating, which reduces the production cost; however, excessive calcium carbonate will cause difficulty in rubber compounding; high-strength reclaimed rubber can be used to reduce light calcium in steel wire lamination. The dosage can reduce the gelatinization rate of the formula and reduce the production cost. When the rubber product manufacturer decides to use the high-strength reclaimed rubber in the wire lamination, it is necessary to reasonably determine the dosage of the reclaimed rubber according to the actual situation, and adjust the rubber product formula according to the production conditions.