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Football shoes outsole with tread reclaimed rubber formula

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Football shoes outsole with tread reclaimed rubber formula

Football shoes are the "boots" of football stars and football fans. They need to adapt to various occasions such as artificial grass, hard ground, floor and soft ground. In order to ensure that the athletes can play normally and avoid the players being hurt, the football outsole The structural design requirements are very strict, and the requirements for the elasticity, wear resistance, flexural resistance and ground adhesion of the rubber used in the football outsole are also higher. Taking natural rubber as the main raw material, the football outsole with a small amount of tire reclaimed rubber has good performance and higher cost performance. Xiaobian shares a formula that I have seen.

Tobacco sheet glue, 100 parts; tire reclaimed rubber, 25 parts; zinc oxide, 5 parts; stearic acid, 1 part; sulfur, 0.5 parts; accelerator M, 1.2 parts; accelerator D, 0.8 parts; accelerator DM, 0.3 parts; organic acid, 0.3 parts; high abrasion resistant carbon black, 30 parts; semi-reinforcing carbon black, 30 parts; coumarone, 6 parts; motor oil, 16 parts; antioxidant, 2 parts; paraffin, 0.5 parts; Shale powder, 42.4 parts; total, 261 parts.

In order to ensure the high mechanical strength of the soccer sole, rubber manufacturers are better to use the tread rubber produced from the tire tread rubber powder. The tire rubber has higher effective rubber content and higher tensile strength. , elastic, wear resistance is better.

Anti-aging agent SP-C is an off-white powder adsorbed on mineral filler by SP. It has good protective effect on aging caused by heat, flexion, light and weather. It is easy to disperse in rubber compound, not easy to spray, and does not cause pollution. It can be used in the outsole of football to reduce the aging caused by friction and heat generation and prolong the service life.

High wear-resistant carbon black can give the soccer shoes outsole excellent tensile strength, tear strength, abrasion resistance, puncture resistance and aging resistance; semi-reinforcing carbon black improves the elongation at break of soccer shoes outsole And elasticity, further improve low heat and aging resistance; shale is a rock made of clay dehydrated and cemented, shale powder has excellent wear resistance, is a non-reinforcing filler commonly used in the processing of rubber products, in football The use of alternative calcium carbonate in the outsole of the shoe can improve the wear resistance of the soccer sole.

In the outsole of soccer shoes, part of the tread reclaimed rubber is blended with a reasonable formula, which can reduce the production cost, and can improve the processing technology of the soles of the shoes and the comprehensive index of the soles of the shoes. The grades of the shoes on the market are different. Based on this formula, the amount of tread reclaimed rubber in the outsole of the football can be adjusted. The qualified manufacturer can also add an appropriate amount of modified SBC to the soccer sole to improve the soleness of the sole.