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Ways to improve the performance of heat-resistant oil hose

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Ways to improve the performance of heat-resistant oil hose

Heat-resistant oil hoses have good heat resistance and oil resistance. Nitrile rubber is commonly used. Experience has shown that nitrile rubber products can be used for a long time at a high temperature of 120 °C. However, in the actual application process, the heat-resistant oil hose has a wide temperature range and often needs to work at a higher temperature. How to further improve the comprehensive index of the heat-resistant oil hose and prolong the service life of the hose? Rubber products manufacturers may wish to start from the following aspects1JLYY89:

1. Nitrile rubber and nylon are used together.

The nylon chemical name polyamide, abbreviated as PA, is a general term for thermoplastic resins containing a repeating amide group - [NHCO] in the main chain of the molecule, and is often used as a reinforcing material in the rubber product industry. Nylon itself has excellent mechanical properties, heat resistance and wear resistance. In the production process of heat-resistant oil hose with nitrile rubber as the main raw material, the proper amount of nylon can obviously improve the heat resistance, oil resistance and wear resistance of the rubber compound. Sex and tensile strength; increase the stiffness of the rubber, the gloss of the surface of the hose, reduce the shrinkage, and significantly improve the process performance of the rubber compound.

2. Reasonable use of nitrile reclaimed rubber

In the production of nitrile rubber products, nitrile reclaimed rubber can not only reduce the production cost of the product, but also improve the processing performance of the rubber compound. In theory, the proper amount of nitrile reclaimed rubber in the nitrile heat-resistant oil hose can improve the plasticity and fluidity of the rubber compound, reduce the expansion shrinkage and heat sensitivity, and vulcanize when the heat-resistant oil hose with nitrile reclaimed rubber is vulcanized. The anti-origin is small and the vulcanization flatness is good; the heat-resistant oxygen aging property of the rubber product can be improved to a certain extent. Therefore, rubber manufacturers may choose to use an appropriate amount of nitrile reclaimed rubber in the nitrile oil resistant hose to improve the processing performance and performance of the oil resistant hose.

3. Reasonable selection of compounding agent to improve heat resistance of rubber hose

When using nitrile rubber to produce heat-resistant oil hose, you can choose low-sulfur blending system, peroxide or resin vulcanization. However, due to the production process and cost constraints, low-sulfur blending is the most common, low cost, and can further improve the nitrile vulcanizate. Heat resistance; the amount of medium and low reinforcing carbon black, white carbon black, talc powder and magnesium oxide can be appropriately increased in the reinforcing system to improve the heat resistance of the nitrile vulcanizate.

When using a nitrile rubber to produce a heat-resistant oil hose, the rubber product manufacturer can improve the heat resistance and oil resistance of the hose by the above method, wherein the nitrile reclaimed rubber is applied in the production of all nitrile rubber products including the heat-resistant oil hose. More and more extensive, rubber products manufacturers must pay attention to the choice of nitrile reclaimed rubber products and the adjustment of formula and production process conditions.