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Precautions for nitrile rubber selection of metal oxide vulcanization

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Precautions for nitrile rubber selection of metal oxide vulcanization

When using nitrile rubber or nitrile reclaimed rubber to produce rubber products, the vulcanization systems commonly used by rubber manufacturers include sulfur vulcanization systems, peroxide vulcanization systems, resin vulcanization systems, and sometimes metal oxide vulcanization, in which polyvalent metal oxidation The nitrile rubber after vulcanization has a unique "charm"; then in the actual production, what are the common metal oxides used in the vulcanization of nitrile rubber? How much is appropriate? What should be noted in the vulcanization process1JLYY826?

1. Metal oxides commonly used in nitrile rubber

In general, a rubber which is vulcanized using a metal oxide as a vulcanizing agent is more excellent in heat resistance and oil resistance. Among many metal oxides, copper oxide, manganese dioxide, antimony pentoxide and molybdenum trioxide have stronger vulcanization ability, and can be used as a vulcanizing agent in nitrile rubber or nitrile reclaimed rubber products; magnesium oxide and zinc oxide. It can also be combined with other compounding agents to form a vulcanization system for nitrile rubber products.

2. The amount of metal oxide in the nitrile rubber vulcanization system

When the nitrile rubber is vulcanized with a metal oxide, the amount of the metal oxide is usually controlled to 5 to 10 parts; when the magnesium oxide is combined with the cadmium-containing compound, 20 parts of the magnesium oxide may be combined with 5 parts of cadmium oxide.

3. Types of vulcanization accelerators for metal oxides

The comprehensive index of nitrile rubber after metal oxide vulcanization is better, but the vulcanization rate of metal oxide itself is slower. It is difficult for ordinary vulcanizing agent to significantly increase the vulcanization rate of metal oxide. It needs to be combined with other kinds of accelerators, such as rubber accelerator. Accelerators CED, ETU, etc.; when magnesium oxide and cadmium oxide are selected, cadmium diethyldithiocarbamate (CED) is the main accelerator, and a small amount of accelerator DM is the best.

In the production process of nitrile rubber or nitrile reclaimed rubber products, rubber products manufacturers will also use multivalent metal oxides and antimony disulfide in special cases as vulcanizing agents for vulcanization systems. . Metal oxides can be used not only as vulcanizing agents but also as multiple reinforcing agents in various nitrile rubber products. For example, zinc oxide can be used as a vulcanization accelerator, an activator, a coloring agent, a filler, and the like in rubber articles. Reasonable use of metal oxides by nitrile rubber products manufacturers can reduce production energy consumption and raw material costs, and further improve the comprehensive index of nitrile rubber.

When metal oxide is used to vulcanize nitrile rubber, different surface active metal oxides have different vulcanization effects in nitrile rubber. Rubber product manufacturers should select suitable products and reasonably control the amount of metal oxides.