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Softening plasticizer suitable for nitrile rubber and dosage 1

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Softening plasticizer suitable for nitrile rubber and dosage 1

Nitrile rubber can meet the basic needs of most oil-resistant rubber products, and is the most commonly used rubber raw material for oil-resistant rubber products manufacturers; the unique molecular structure and polarity from the performance point of view give the nitrile rubber excellent oil resistance; Generally speaking, the nitrile rubber itself has high viscosity, high toughness and difficult operation, and a suitable softening plasticizing system is needed to improve the processing performance of the rubber compound. So what are the softening plasticizers suitable for nitrile rubber? How to determine the amount of softening plasticizer for NBR products?

1. Softening plasticizer commonly used in nitrile rubber products

Continuous research and practice results show that the most commonly used plasticizers in the production of nitrile rubber products are dibutyl phthalate, dioctyl phthalate (DOP), tricresyl phosphate (TCP), Gumalon, dioctyl sebacate, dioctyl adipate black and white ointment, etc., different types of softening plasticizers in the nitrile rubber compound in different principles and effects, rubber products manufacturers need to be based on actual needs Choose the right plasticizer.

2. Characteristics and functions of common plasticizers in NBR products

1DBP (dibutyl phthalate) can give good flexibility to nitrile rubber, improve the elasticity and wear resistance of the rubber compound, but it is more volatile and extractable during use, so choose carefully; DOP ( Dioctyl phthalate is an organic ester compound. It has good compatibility with nitrile rubber and has the same plasticizing effect as DBP. However, it has low volatility, water resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance and low temperature flexibility. Good; TCP (tricresyl phosphate) can improve the flexibility and wear resistance of nitrile rubber products while improving the plasticity and fluidity of nitrile rubber.

2 Gumalong is an organic compound containing a heterocyclic aromatic compound, which is one of the softeners commonly used in the processing of rubber products; in the nitrile rubber compound, the adhesive property of the rubber compound can be obviously improved, and the rubber compound mixing and extrusion process can be improved. . There are many varieties of Gumalong, and the softening points are different under different classifications. For nitrile rubber, the high softening point of coumarone softening effect is poor, and it will promote the aging of NBR products, and the selection of nitrile rubber products is Gumalon. When softening plasticizers, be sure to choose a product with a low softening point. Gumalon has other functions in nitrile rubber products, but it is not the focus of this article, and will not be elaborated here.

In the production process of nitrile rubber products, dioctyl sebacate, ointment, polyester plasticizer, etc. are also used. Most manufacturers use a certain proportion of nitrile reclaimed rubber in the raw materials to reduce costs. The type of softening plasticizer is different in the amount of pure nitrile rubber formula and nitrile rubber product containing nitrile reclaimed rubber. Late Xiaobian and you continue to discuss other problems of nitrile rubber compound on softening plasticizing system.