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Nitrile rubber / reclaimed rubber used to produce high standard sealing products

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Nitrile rubber / reclaimed rubber used to produce high standard sealing products

Nitrile reclaimed rubber is the preferred raw material for the production of oil-resistant sealing rubber products instead of nitrile rubber. It can not only achieve excellent oil and sealing performance of nitrile sealing products, but also reduce production cost. However, compared with nitrile rubber, nitrile The performance of reclaimed rubber is still slightly insufficient. The use of nitrile reclaimed rubber alone cannot produce all oil-resistant sealing rubber products; therefore, manufacturers of nitrile sealing products often use high-standard seals in the form of nitrile reclaimed rubber and nitrile rubber. Rubber products can not only ensure product quality, but also reduce costs; then what are the changes in the performance of sealed rubber products with nitrile reclaimed rubber? How much nitrile reclaimed rubber is added to the sealed product? How much production cost can you reduce?

1. Adding nitrile reclaimed rubber to improve the elongation at break of sealed products

When using nitrile reclaimed rubber and nitrile rubber and sealing the product with nitrile, the tensile strength, hardness and modulus of the rubber will decrease with the increase of the amount of regenerated nitrile, and the elongation at break will be reduced. It is on the rise; this is because the nitrile reclaimed rubber does not separate the softener in the waste nitrile rubber product during the production process, so this softener will also play a role in softening and plasticizing in the production. The elongation at break of the material is gradually increased; therefore, the use of an appropriate amount of regenerated rubber of nitrile can increase the elongation at break of the sealed product, and the resilience of the sealed rubber product becomes larger and the permanent deformation becomes smaller, thereby improving the sealing of the sealed product. Performance and extend the life of the product.

2. The dosage of nitrile reclaimed rubber in the production of high standard nitrile sealing products

The aging resistance of nitrile reclaimed rubber is higher than that of the original rubber. The use of nitrile reclaimed rubber instead of nitrile rubber to produce sealing products can improve the anti-aging properties of the products. However, when the amount of nitrile reclaimed rubber is too large, the compression set of the rubber will be It becomes larger, which affects the sealing performance and service life of the nitrile sealing products. Therefore, after several tests, when the original rubber is added in an amount of 100 parts, 60 parts of nitrile reclaimed rubber is used, which can make the rubber material have physical indexes and oil resistance. Both can achieve high standards and improve the anti-aging performance of sealing products, with minimal compression set and best sealing effect. After comparison, adding 60 parts of nitrile reclaimed rubber can save the company about 30% of production cost compared with the production of nitrile sealing products by using nitrile rubber.

There are many manufacturers of nitrile reclaimed rubber on the market. The indexes of nitrile reclaimed rubber produced by different raw materials are also different. The selection of nitrile sealing products required by high indexes is even more sloppy. Manufacturers should go to regular manufacturers to select and product indicators. For products with similar requirements, it is best to take several samples of the sample to achieve the best use of the sealed product.