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EPDM reclaimed rubber in the auto parts "big show"

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EPDM reclaimed rubber in the auto parts "big show"

EPDM reclaimed rubber has excellent resistance to high and low temperature, ozone and aging. It is often used to replace EPDM raw rubber to produce rubber products with special performance requirements. Many rubber parts in automobiles use EPDM rubber. This will provide more "development space" for EPDM reclaimed rubber, and it can be "extended". In actual production, which automotive rubber parts can use EPDM reclaimed rubber?

1.Auto parts - rubber sealing products

Cars need a lot of rubber seals, seals and other sealing products to achieve dust, warmth, sound absorption, shock absorption, including car door and window seals, seals, gaskets, leak-proof rings, etc.; EPDM reclaimed rubber It has excellent ozone and weather resistance. It can be used in the production of sealing products such as window seals which are exposed to the outside for a long time and in direct contact with ozone and air. It can maintain a good sealing effect and is not prone to surface during the use period. The problem of cracking and frosting is generally combined with EPDM rubber.

2. Auto parts - hose

In the automotive hydraulic brake device, air conditioning device, cooling system and other devices are inseparable from the hose, taking air conditioning heating hose, ventilation hose as an example, such products need materials with good resistance to air, ozone, sun, water Sexually, it needs to maintain good softness at low temperature. EPDM rubber is the best choice; therefore, EPDM reclaimed rubber processed from EPDM unvulcanized rubber and waste EPDM rubber can be replaced. Some EPDM rubbers produce all kinds of hoses in automobile installations, achieving the dual purpose of ensuring quality and reducing costs.

3. Auto parts - rubber sheath

Rubber sheaths such as rubber threading sheaths and wire harness dust covers are used in automobile engines and automobile wiring harness devices. Taking wire harness dust covers as an example, in the automobile, direct contact between the wire harness and the mechanical moving parts, friction heat generation can be reduced. To prevent dust and vibration, prolong the service life; such products require good anti-aging, oxidation resistance, ozone resistance, high and low temperature resistance, and the mechanical strength is not high during actual production and use. Increase the amount of EPDM reclaimed rubber or use high-index EPDM reclaimed rubber.

4. Auto parts - rubber shock absorbers

Although all kinds of sealing products can play a certain role in shock absorption in automobiles, professional damping devices are still needed. Rubber shock absorbers and shock absorber blocks are important components in automotive rubber parts; some rubber damping rubbers for vehicles Products can be produced using EPDM reclaimed rubber to ensure quality and reduce costs.

5, auto parts - tape

The car needs to transmit power and connect various components during driving, and the car strap is one of them. Car pull belts are generally used in wheel cover coupling or battery box fixing. They are in tension for a long time during work and are in direct contact with air, water and oxidation. Therefore, it is required to have good resistance to high and low temperature and anti-aging properties. Rubber and EPDM reclaimed rubber can be used in the production of transmission rubber belts to maintain good performance for a long time.

There are also many different kinds of rubber miscellaneous pieces used in the car. A large part of them can use EPDM reclaimed rubber. It can be seen that EPDM reclaimed rubber can really be used in automotive rubber parts. "Well!