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EPDM sponge board raw materials and uses

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EPDM sponge board raw materials and uses

EPDM rubber has excellent weather resistance, heat resistance and ozone resistance. It has important applications in rubber products such as automobiles, construction, rubber sheets, hoses, tapes, etc., and foamed rubber processed from EPDM rubber. The board is highly praised by various industries. Why? The price of EPDM rubber is too high. Can other materials be used instead of EPDM rubber to produce sponge foam board to reduce the cost of raw materials? Where can the EPDM foam board be used?

The sponge rubber eyelet is spread over the whole material. The long and short structure gives it excellent elasticity, softness, low density and resistance to flexing. It can play a good buffer, heat insulation and sound insulation effect during use. EPDM rubber is a typical saturated rubber with high chemical stability, excellent ozone resistance, weather resistance, high temperature resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. The foamed rubber foam board produced has good impact elasticity and can be exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. Or use in a damp, cold environment to maintain good sealing, sound absorption, shock absorption, sound insulation or thermal insulation.

EPDM rubber is a copolymer of ethylene, propylene and a small amount of non-conjugated diene. It is an ideal choice for sponge rubber sheet from the aspects of service life, processing technology and production cost. At present, the rubber product industry is increasingly competitive. Intense, many rubber products manufacturers have begun to reduce the production cost of products through various new raw materials to improve the competitiveness of the product market. The replacement raw materials for EPDM sponge rubber sheets mainly include EPDM reclaimed rubber and EPDM rubber powder.

EPDM reclaimed rubber is a renewable resource processed from EPDM rubber, EPDM rubber scrap or waste EPDM rubber. The molecular structure and performance characteristics are the same as those of EPDM. The price is much lower than that of EPDM rubber. It can replace all or part of EPDM rubber to produce sponge rubber sheet and reduce the cost of raw materials. EPDM rubber powder is mainly produced during the processing of EPDM rubber products. Some of the scraps are powdered materials that have been milled through a number of complicated processes. Black EPDM rubber powder, red EPDM rubber powder and green EPDM rubber powder are commonly used in the market. It can reduce the cost of rubber compound and maintain the physical properties in the production of EPDM sponge board.

Compared with ordinary sponge rubber sheets, EPDM sponge boards have better resistance to high and low temperature, aging and chemical corrosion resistance. They can be used in engineering rubber construction such as culverts and bridges, roof waterproofing and water proofing, and building wall sound insulation. In materials and rubber gaskets and rubber seals with special requirements, the structure of the perforations is fine and compact, the density is small, the size is stable, and good performance is maintained in various occasions.