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Alternative raw materials for natural rubber rolls

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Alternative raw materials for natural rubber rolls

Compared with nitrile rubber rolls, the application range of natural rubber rolls is relatively small, but there are still many occasions where natural rubber rolls must be used; the price of natural rubber is high, once soared to 40,000 yuan / ton, the current price of natural rubber is also More than 10,000 yuan / ton, so many natural rubber roller manufacturers are looking for a substitute for natural rubber, to reduce production costs.

1. An alternative raw material for natural rubber rolls - latex reclaimed rubber

Latex reclaimed rubber is a new type of raw material used by natural rubber products manufacturers to reduce the cost of rubber products. In the production process of natural rubber rolls, the choice of high-glued latex reclaimed rubber can replace more natural rubber and ensure rubber roller. Good performance and service life; common latex reclaimed rubber is available in black and white. The black latex reclaimed rubber product with the same price is lower than white latex reclaimed rubber. It can be used to produce black or dark natural rubber roller. Production cost; in actual production, the replacement amount of latex reclaimed rubber can be determined according to the requirements of various indexes of natural rubber roller.

2. Alternative raw material for natural rubber roller - tire reclaimed rubber

Tire reclaimed rubber is a reclaimed rubber product processed from used tires. It has a wide range of raw materials and low price. It is favored by rubber manufacturers. Due to the limitations of tire reclaimed rubber and rubber compatibility, not all rubbers. Tire reclaimed rubber can be used for the products.

The main components of tire reclaimed rubber include natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber or butadiene rubber. It has good compatibility with natural rubber. It can be theoretically used in rubber rolls with natural rubber as the main raw material. The fineness of rubber roller to rubber compound , mechanical strength and wear resistance requirements are quite high, so some small tires ordinary tire reclaimed rubber can not meet its performance requirements, generally use the tire top as raw material processing of the tire top superfine reclaimed rubber, in the surface of the natural rubber roller The smoothness of the rubber improves the mechanical strength and wear resistance of the rubber compound and reduces the cost. In the actual production process, the natural rubber roller manufacturer generally controls the amount of the tire topping reclaimed rubber within a certain range to avoid excessive use of the recycled rubber. There is a problem that the mechanical strength of the natural rubber roller is lowered and the service life is shortened.

Latex reclaimed rubber and tire reclaimed rubber are all commonly used substitutes in the production of natural rubber rolls. In some natural rubber rolls with special purposes, rubber products manufacturers can also add a certain proportion of isoprene reclaimed rubber to This improves the airtightness, heat resistance and aging resistance of the rubber roller.