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EPDM yellowing detection method

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EPDM yellowing detection method

EPDM rubber is resistant to high and low temperature, anti-aging, is the preferred raw material for the production of outdoor rubber products; EPDM reclaimed rubber is recycled EPDM rubber and processed products reclaimed rubber, retaining most of the yuan Propylene rubber structure and performance characteristics, the price is much lower than EPDM rubber, EPDM rubber used to replace the production of rubber products can significantly reduce the cost of raw materials. However, whether it is EPDM or EPDM reclaimed rubber, the rubber products produced may have the problem of yellowing after being used for a period of time. What is the reason?

1, the situation analysis: There are many reasons leading to yellowing of EPDM rubber products, improper selection of rubber oil, improper design of rubber products will cause the product surface yellowing, this time we can take the following measures to make a small test to determine EPDM rubber products yellow reason, then choose the solution according to the reasons.

(1) If the surface of the package bag and the surface of EPDM rubber products are yellowed, the problem of oil should be taken in account. The phenomenon may be caused by the migration of the rubber oil used. It is suggested to replace the rubber oil which does not migrate.

(2) If only the surface of EPDM molded products yellowing should consider the formula, the oil is too high or blooming: it is recommended to use ordinary white plastic bag to be a test, the EPDM rubber products produced directly in a plastic bag, compacted, parked for 24 hours and then naturally cooled in another ordinary white plastic bag a compaction. If it is a formula problem, but also the need for further testing to determine the amount of rubber oil is too high or curing system, anti-aging system caused by unreasonable design, the formula to make the appropriate adjustments.

2, the results of the analysis: 24 hours observation, if the white plastic bags are yellow, it is the color of the oil, if there is no problem after cooling it is necessary to park, if you put it directly in the bag that is your sealed bag with three EPDM molded products interact with each other.