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Formula design skill of NBR rubber plastic roller

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Formula design skill of NBR rubber plastic roller

The rubber plastic blend material has the double characteristics of rubber and plastic. The comprehensive performance of the rubber roll made from the blend of NBR and PVC is better than that of the pure NBR. In the NBR / PVC blend material, the rubber manufacturer can replace part of NBR with NBR recycled rubber according to the actual demand, reducing the cost of raw materials. The double purposes of reducing the cost of raw materials and ensuring the quality of cots can be ensured by adjusting the formulation of NBR / PVC blends reasonably.

1. Matching proportion of main materials

When part of NBR is replaced by NBR, a small amount of chloroprene rubber 1jlyy114 can be added to rubber products manufacturers to improve the hardness and resilience of rubber plastic blending rubber roller when it is blended with PVC to prepare rubber plastic blending rubber roller. Generally, when the NBR is about 40 phr, 30 phr of NBR, 30 phr of PVC and 5-10 phr of chloroprene rubber can be used to reduce the cost of raw materials while ensuring the quality of NBR rubber plastic blending cots. Among them, too much chloroprene rubber will affect the oil resistance, tensile strength and other indicators of the NBR oil resistant rubber roller, so its dosage can not exceed 10 parts.

2. Rubber additives

When NBR / NBR / PVC / chloroprene rubber blends to prepare oil resistant rubber plastic cots, rubber manufacturers usually add a small amount of sulfur in peroxide vulcanization system to improve the mechanical properties of rubber plastic blend cots hy. when the total amount of main materials is 100 phr, 2-3 parts of DCP, 1-2 parts of rubber accelerator and 0.5 parts of sulfur can be added.

In order to improve the physical and mechanical strength of oil-resistant rubber and plastic roller, reinforcing agent is necessary; 30-40 parts of reinforcing agent can be added to NBR / NBR / PVC / Cr zsj blend to give good mechanical properties; 20-30 parts of rubber plasticizer can be used to improve the processing performance of rubber-plastic blend, promote the uniform dispersion of the mixing agent, and coordinate NBR rubber and plastic The mechanical indexes of the blends.

In the actual production, stearic acid, barium stearate and antioxidant will be used in the formulation of NBR / NBR / PVC / Cr blend rubber roller to improve the vulcanization performance of the blend. Barium stearate can significantly improve the heat resistance of the cots in NBR oil resistant rubber plastic blending cots, so as to expand the application range of oil resistant NBR cots.

In the oil-resistant rubber roller with NBR as the main raw material, the proper amount of NBR reclaimed rubber can not only reduce the cost of raw materials, but also improve the processing performance of rubber materials; the proper amount of PVC can improve the wear resistance of oil-resistant rubber roller; the small amount of neoprene can improve the elasticity of rubber materials and make up for the problem of PVC reducing the elasticity of NBR rubber roller.