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Low-cost nitrile rubber roller for formula

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Low-cost nitrile rubber roller for formula

Nitrile rubber has excellent oil resistance. The rubber roller produced can be swelled in oil medium for a long time, resistant to oil, abrasion, heat and aging. It is widely used in printing, printing and dyeing, chemical fiber, paper making, packaging, Plastic processing and other fields. At present, the price of nitrile rubber ZSJ is 16,000 yuan / ton, which is very expensive for rubber roller processing manufacturers. Therefore, many manufacturers have begun to choose nitrile rubber, reclaimed rubber and pvc materials to prepare a more cost-effective nitrile rubber. Roller.

1. Light color nitrile rubber roller sample formula

30 parts of nitrile rubber, 35 parts of butyronitrile reclaimed rubber, 30 parts of PVC, 5 parts of chloroprene rubber, 0.4 parts of sulfur, 2.5 parts of DCP, 0.5 parts of accelerator, 5 parts of zinc oxide, 1.6 parts of stearic acid, plasticizer 28 parts, 1 part of anti-aging agent, 2 parts of barium stearate, 35 parts of white carbon black; total: 176 parts.

2. Low-cost nitrile rubber roller selection principle

At the beginning of the article, we have already said that the price of nitrile rubber is about 16,000 yuan per ton, the price of nitrile reclaimed rubber is below 8,000 yuan per ton, and the market price of PVC is 6000-7000 yuan/ton. The price of glue and the price of pvc are far lower than the price of nitrile rubber. From the performance point of view, the addition of nitrile reclaimed rubber can improve the nitrile rubber compounding process and vulcanization performance, pvc can improve the wear resistance and weather resistance of nitrile rubber. Therefore, the use of nitrile reclaimed rubber and PVC materials in nitrile rubber rolls can improve product performance and reduce production costs.

Perhaps you will say: the mechanical properties of nitrile reclaimed rubber can not match the nitrile rubber, and the addition of PVC will reduce the rubber elasticity. How can this be? In fact, there are problems to solve, high-quality DJ nitrile reclaimed rubber indicators close to nitrile rubber, a small amount of neoprene can be added to eliminate the negative impact of pvc on the rubber compound.

3. Low-cost nitrile rubber roller compounding agent

When using peroxide and sulfur and using vulcanized nitrile/pvc/chloroprene rubber blending compound, use accelerator DM; use light carbon rubber to reinforce or use a small amount of clay and light calcium. Black nitrile rubber roller may be used with high abrasion resistant carbon black and semi-reinforcing carbon black 1JLYY1112; DOP in rubber plasticizer can improve the tensile strength, elasticity and resilience, heat resistance and compression resistance of nitrile rubber compound. Deformation, etc.; machine tin, barium stearate, zinc stearate, calcium stearate, etc. can further improve the thermal stability of the nitrile rubber roller; phenolic anti-aging agent will not cause pollution when vulcanized, such as anti-aging agent MB, light color Rubber rollers should pay special attention.

In actual production, the amount of nitrile reclaimed rubber in the nitrile rubber roller can be increased or decreased according to actual needs, or even completely replace nitrile rubber to reduce the cost of raw materials. At this time, don't forget to adjust the compounding agent in the formula. Type and amount.