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Nitrile O-ring Performance Requirements and Raw Material Selection

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Nitrile O-ring Performance Requirements and Raw Material Selection

The O-ring is a rubber seal with a circular cross section. It is the most common mechanical seal device. Different types of O-rings used in different occasions have different working media, working temperatures, working pressures, and stress states. They require specific types of rubber. Production, of which the nitrile rubber with excellent oil resistance is generally used to produce seals that work for a long time in oil media, maintains good sealing performance and service life. What are the requirements for nitrile rubber for nitrile O-rings and how do you design nitrile O-ring seals?

1, nitrile O-ring performance needs

In actual use, the greatest performance requirements for various sealing products are permanent compression set and resistance to media. Nitrile O-rings generally work in oil media for a long period of time. Therefore, it is required that the selected rubber has excellent oil resistance. Performance (generally the higher the acrylonitrile content of nitrile rubber, the better the oil resistance); oil seal is one of the most common O-rings, it is not only used for static sealing, but also for the back and forth movement seal, so the resistance of the used rubber Tearability, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, and extrusion resistance, as well as hardness, place high demands; Nitrile O-rings generate heat during continuous reciprocating movements, or the seal itself operates at a lower temperature. In a high environment, the glue needs good thermal stability.

2, nitrile O-ring material selection

Do you think this is a silly question? The raw material for the nitrile O-ring is of course nitrile rubber. There are many kinds of nitrile rubber, not every kind of nitrile rubber can be used to produce O-rings for various occasions. Rubber manufacturers can choose suitable O-rings according to their specific requirements, including hardness and operating temperature. Types of nitrile rubber; There are many nitrile rubber recyclables made from waste nitrile rubber and waste nitrile rubber products such as nitrile gloves. These rubber products are of low price, and the high-quality product specifications are almost equal to those of nitriles. Glue can replace nitrile rubber to produce nitrile 0-rings in certain proportions, which significantly reduces raw material costs.

Finally, Xiao Bian wants to say one more thing: O-rings produced from nitrile rubber/reclaimed rubber have an operating temperature below 150 degrees Celsius. The working medium is fuel oil, hydraulic oil, oil, and lubricating oil. If you want to use the temperature higher than A seal of 150 degrees Celsius, or a chemically aggressive medium for the working media, cannot be used with nitrile rubber or reclaimed rubber.