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Several issues needing attention when using powdered nitrile for asbestos brake pads

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Several issues needing attention when using powdered nitrile for asbestos brake pads

Asbestos rubber brake pads are a variety of asbestos brake pads. The main raw materials are rubber, asbestos copper wire, asbestos wool, phenolic resin and sulfur, accelerators, antioxidants, fillers, softeners and other auxiliary additives; powder nitrile rubber It is a commonly used rubber for preparing asbestos brake pads. It is necessary to pay close attention to the selection of brake pads and each process in the processing process to ensure the quality and production efficiency of powdered nitrile brake pads.

1. Pay attention to asbestos material selection

Asbestos copper wire is the most commonly used material in asbestos brake pads. However, asbestos brake pads do not use copper wires. Instead, they use asbestos wool, which has high tensile strength, good heat insulation and corrosion resistance; The process of preparing brake pads with powdered nitrile as the main material is simple, and it is suitable for braking in small cars, motorcycles or light rotating equipment.

2. Pay attention to the type and dosage of the compounding agent

When using powdered nitrile and asbestos wool to prepare wool asbestos brake pads, rubber product manufacturers can use sulfur vulcanization, and use accelerators, zinc oxide, stearic acid, and other compounding agents such as barium sulfate, feldspar powder, phenolic resin, and alumina. Cooperate to improve the production efficiency and service life of asbestos brake pads. Among them, precipitated barium sulfate is mostly used in barium sulfate, which can increase the density of brake pads.

3. Pay attention to the preparation process of asbestos brake pads

When using powdered nitrile and asbestos wool to prepare fleece asbestos brake pads, you can first mix the powdery compound with asbestos wool, then add the powdered nitrile and phenolic resin, stir for a while, and finally add plasticizer 1JLYY1225 and other liquids to mix and stir. Pay attention to speeding up gradually during the stirring process. After mixing the rubber material, compounding agent and asbestos wool, you can choose to process the green material in the rubber mill or directly use the extruder to extrude the green material and vulcanize.

Using powdered nitrile rubber and asbestos wool to prepare brake pads has higher production efficiency than other methods, and the finished product has excellent friction performance and can be used for a long time. In addition to powdered nitrile, asbestos rubber brake pads can use natural rubber or styrene-butadiene rubber, or recycled resources such as rubber powder and recycled rubber processed from waste rubber and waste rubber products, which can reduce the production cost of asbestos rubber brake pads. In addition, it can realize the recycling of waste rubber resources and reduce production costs.