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Production of butyl inner tube with EPDM regenerated rubber

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Production of butyl inner tube with EPDM regenerated rubber

EPDM reclaimed rubber is used as the main raw material of imported EPDM head glue and non vulcanized raw rubber. After smashing, the original infrared dynamic desulfurization can keep the original molecular weight and rubber chain structure more than 90%. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, anti aging, high insulation, high strength, good elasticity, smooth and bright surface of the product. The use of EPDM regenerated rubber in the butyl rubber inner tube can improve the difficulty of the joint of the butyl rubber inner tube, reduce the rolling tire and blasting caused by the lack of air pressure, delay the aging time of the butyl tube and improve the service life.

Rubber and formula:

Yanshan butyl rubber 1751-35; EPDM2070-20; HONGYUN butyl regenerated rubber -65; -15 portion of HONGYUN regenerated rubber, -2.5 portion of sulphur, promoter TMTD-1; promoter D-0.5; Zinc Oxide -3; -2.5 portion of stearic acid; A-90-4 portion of adhesive; wet process N660 carbon black; naphthenic oil.

Production process:

The order of the mixing is butyl rubber, EPDM, carbon black and softener. The mixing time is 6-7 minutes, the glue temperature is above 140 centigrade, and the mother glue must be stopped for more than 2 hours for two stages of mixing.

The two stage mixing process is: one phase of mother glue, Ding Ji reclaimed rubber, EPDM regenerated rubber, small material to row material, accelerator, vulcanizing agent to lower slice.

Before discharging, the mixing time of the mixer is 7-8 minutes, the discharging temperature can not be lower than 160, and two cooling broaches are cut after discharge to make the adhesive temperature drop below 120 C and then add accelerator, vulcanizing agent, and the glue mixture is evenly mixed, and the two section glue stops at least 6 hours.

Joint process:

The extrusion of Ding Ji rubber inner tube is produced by filtering glue with sulfur filter method directly. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the cooling water of the filter is unimpeded and the adhesive temperature of the rubber material is not more than 105 C. The low temperature current of the control electric knife is 10 + 2A and the high temperature current is 50 + 5A; the joint time is based on the size. Line adjustment; vulcanization temperature using 175 C + + 2 to produce 9.00R20 and the following specifications are used two times; the above specifications are three times stereotyped production.

Product indicators:

The tensile strength is 10.5Mpa, the elongation at break is 565%, the strength of the joint is 8Mpa, the shore hardness is 56 degrees, the bonding strength of the body and the rubber pad is 5.2KN/m, and the adhesive strength of the rubber cushion and the valve mouth is 5.2KN/m.