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Butyl and EPDM to improve tube performance

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Butyl and EPDM to improve tube performance

Inner tube for the rubber material is the highest air tightness, low prices, airtight good butyl rubber reclaimed rubber has become the best choice for the production of raw materials. The use of butyl rubber reclaimed rubber production of good flexibility, should not leak, but after the aging of the inner tube but there will be reduced hardness, soft gum, the air tightness is not strong phenomenon, seriously affect the service life of the inner tube products. In order to improve the service life of butyl inner tube products and prolong the service life, many inner tube manufacturers have started to add a small amount of EPDM reclaimed rubber to the inner tube of butyl rubber reclaimed rubber, and achieved unexpected results.

1, to improve the butyl rubber extrusion workability: In the whole butyl rubber and the amount of EPDM can increase the plastic material stiffness, increase extrusion speed, reduce rubber shrinkage, extrusion size is more stable.

2, significantly improve the ozone resistance of butyl inner tube: butyl rubber reclaimed relatively poor resistance to ozone, storage and use of the process prone to cracking phenomenon, and EPDM rubber ozone resistance better, and after use Significantly improve the resistance of butyl inner tube ozone, to extend the service life.

3, to improve the heat resistance of butyl inner tube products: Inner tube in the process of high-speed operation will be heated, the temperature is too high will affect the inner tube performance and service life, and with a small amount of EPDM can improve the inner tube heat resistance, Reduce the operation of the heat caused by damage to the inner tube.

EPDM reclaimed rubber with high temperature resistance, anti-aging, anti-ozone and anti-erosion ability and good electrical insulation, good elasticity, high strength, but its products will be hardened after aging, aging with butyl rubber tube Soft just to form a contrast; use a small amount of EPDM in the butyl inner tube can improve the inner tube processing technology to ease the aging of the inner tube products become softer, larger size, pleating and other phenomena, but need to be aware that we must control the ternary B Propylene glue dosage, otherwise it will affect the butyl inner tube air tightness. For example, the general incorporation of butyl rubber tube EPDM reclaimed rubber can not exceed 20 parts, 10-15 copies of the best.