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Why three yuan ethylene propylene regeneration rubber, a large number of outdoor rubber products?

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Why three yuan ethylene propylene regeneration rubber, a large number of outdoor rubber products?

EPDM reclaimed rubber can be seen in the automobile industry, construction industry, electrical and electronic fields, etc. It is widely used in the production of automobile weather strip by virtue of its good elasticity, ozone resistance and weatherability. EPDM reclaimed rubber is excellent The high temperature, weatherability can be used as the production of waterproofing membrane and other building materials, electrical and electronic industry insulation pads and its good electrical insulation, corrosion resistance are inseparable. The use of EPDM reclaimed rubber production of rubber products in order to improve product performance, often with other types of rubber and other polymer materials and use. So EPDM renewable rubber and which materials can be used together? What is the significance?

1, EPDM reclaimed rubber and ethylene propylene rubber and use

EPDM renewable rubber raw materials are waste ternary ethylene-propylene rubber, waste ethylene-propylene rubber products such as EPDM seals, retaining most of the molecular structure of EPDM, and EPDM can be perfect Together. EPDM reclaimed rubber and EPDM original plastic can increase the plastic content of reclaimed rubber products, improve the comprehensive usability of rubber products, and prolong the service life of the products.

2, EPDM reclaimed rubber and butyl rubber / reclaimed rubber used in combination

EPDM reclaimed rubber and butyl rubber / reclaimed rubber has good compatibility, the two can be used to improve the physical and mechanical properties of rubber products, EPDM reclaimed rubber can improve the butyl rubber ozone resistance and anti-aging As well as the surface smoothness of butyl rubber products to improve the anti-deformation properties of rubber products, butyl inner tube with a small amount of EPDM reclaimed rubber is a typical application; the same time, butyl rubber / reclaimed rubber can improve EPDM Recycled plastic products, air tightness, tear resistance and sound insulation.

In addition, EPDM reclaimed rubber can also be used in combination with a certain proportion of neoprene and nitrile rubber to improve the oil resistance of EPDM reclaimed rubber and Adhesion, but also can improve chloroprene rubber products, nitrile rubber products, ozone resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, anti-aging properties. EPDM rubber can also be used in conjunction with other materials, we will not discuss them one by one.

EPDM reclaimed rubber in daily necessities, sports equipment, machinery and chemical equipment and other rubber products have a wide range of applications. EPDM replacable rubber instead of EPDM can ensure the quality of rubber products, but also can significantly reduce the cost of raw materials, rubber manufacturers is the ideal choice. For example, Hongyun recycled plastic factory import odorless EPDM reclaimed rubber can be used in whole or in part to a variety of extrusion, molding odorless EPDM rubber products, effectively reduce the cost of raw materials.