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Application skills of EPDM reclaimed rubber in wiper strip 2

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Application skills of EPDM reclaimed rubber in wiper strip 2

When using EPDM reclaimed rubber to reduce the wiper strip production cost, the rubber product formula directly affects the wiper strip performance and service life; strict control of the wiper strip mixing process and vulcanization process parameters can further improve the wiper strip production efficiency and yield, Avoid unnecessary cost consumption. So how to design a wiper strip formulation containing EPDM reclaimed rubber, and what issues should be paid attention to during the production process? Xiaobian continues to share with you the application skills of EPDM in wiper strips today.

3. Formula design of wiper strip containing EPDM recycled rubber

When using EPDM reclaimed rubber and EPDM rubber together to produce automobile wiper strips, it is necessary to reasonably select the types of compounding agents for the vulcanization system, reinforcing system and softening system, and reasonably control the amount of each compounding agent.

(1) Vulcanization system: EPDM wiper strips generally use sulfur vulcanization system, combined with rubber accelerator BZ, accelerator TMTD and accelerator TRA. Among them, the accelerator BZ is a typical thiazole type active accelerator, which is non-polluting. As the main accelerator, it can further improve the aging resistance of the EPDM vulcanizate. The dosage controlled at 1-2 parts is more beneficial to the mechanical properties of the rubber compound; Using accelerator BZ and accelerator TRA as auxiliary accelerators, the vulcanization speed and vulcanization degree of EPDM / rubber vulcanizate were further adjusted.

(2) Reinforced filling system: When EPDM / rubber is used in combination to produce wiper strips, rubber product manufacturers generally use fast extrusion furnace black and semi-reinforced carbon black 2LLYY0407 in combination, in which fast extrusion furnace black can improve the rubber compound Stiffness and extrusion performance, after reinforcement, the EPDM vulcanizate has better elasticity, recovery, high temperature resistance and thermal conductivity; semi-reinforced carbon black has the dual function of reinforcement and filling; usually contains reclaimed rubber The EPDM wiper strip does not use non-reinforcing fillers. The fast pressing furnace black and semi-reinforced carbon black can be added in a 1: 1 ratio, and the total amount of the two in 100 parts of EPDM compound can be controlled at 80-100 parts.

(3) Softening system: The compatibility of naphthenic oil and rubber is second only to aromatic oil (the content of harmful substances in aromatic oil is high), and its role in rubber is basically the same as aromatic oil. EPDM rubber processing technology performance, reduce production energy consumption, further improve the wiper strip tensile strength, resilience, etc. Generally 100 parts of EPDM compound can be filled with 50-80 parts of naphthenic oil.

4. Processing skills of wiper strips containing EPDM reclaimed rubber

When using EPDM reclaimed rubber / virgin rubber to make wiper strips, rubber product manufacturers need to fully plasticize EPDM raw rubber before mixing with EPDM reclaimed rubber, and adjust the mixing parameters (pressure , Temperature, time) and vulcanization process parameters (pressure, temperature, time) to improve the quality of the compound rubber and provide a good basis for vulcanization. Generally, the processing temperature of EPDM rubber and EPDM reclaimed rubber is between 150-180 ℃; during vulcanization, it can be cured at 150 ℃ for 30min.

There are still many things to be aware of when using EPDM reclaimed rubber to reduce the cost of automobile wiper strip materials. For example, when selecting reclaimed rubber, the rubber material must not contain too much moisture and impurities, and the equipment needs to be cleaned in time during mixing and vulcanization. , To improve the production efficiency and quality of finished rubber wipers, the editor will continue to discuss with you later.