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CR/NR combined with recycled rubber to produce V-belt compression layer adhesive formula

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CR/NR combined with recycled rubber to produce V-belt compression layer adhesive formula

Neoprene and a small amount of natural rubber combined with the production of V-belt compression layer glue can improve the rubber elasticity and cold resistance. It is a common production method for V-belt manufacturers; but in the raw material market, neoprene and natural rubber are high-priced rubber. Raw materials, the complete use of neoprene and natural rubber to produce the V-belt compression layer is too costly, and it is imperative to use recycled rubber. How much reclaimed rubber is suitable for mixing with neoprene/natural rubber? How to design a V-belt compression layer compound formula containing reclaimed rubber?

80 parts of neoprene, 20 parts of natural rubber, 40 parts of reclaimed rubber, 0.8 parts of sulfur, 1 part of accelerator, 5 parts of zinc oxide, 2 parts of stearic acid, 4 parts of magnesium oxide, 1.5 parts of anti-aging agent, 60 parts of carbon black, 25 parts of clay, 6 parts of coumarone, 2 parts of motor oil, 3 parts of pine tar; total: 250.3 parts.

1. Reasonable control of the amount of recycled rubber

Recycled rubber is a renewable resource that is processed by various processes such as crushing, desulfurization and refining of waste rubber products. The price of the product is much lower than that of natural rubber and butadiene rubber and is maintained in a stable state. Substituting some natural rubber to reduce production cost; however, due to the certain gap between the reclaimed rubber itself and the original rubber, in order to ensure the physical and mechanical properties of the compression layer, the amount of reclaimed rubber should be controlled within a reasonable range without reducing the triangle. Reduce production costs with quality.

2. Appropriate adjustment of the compounding system of the rubber belt containing the reclaimed rubber triangle

The v-belt compression layer compound produced by using neoprene rubber and natural rubber as the main raw material is mixed with reclaimed rubber, and the type and amount of the compounding agent in each compounding system in the formulation can be reasonably adjusted to further improve the comprehensive performance of the compression layer compound. Sulfur vulcanized rubber compound is used together with accelerator DM and accelerator CZ. When scavenging, the scorch has high safety and short vulcanization time. The vulcanized rubber has high mechanical strength and excellent anti-aging performance. Among them, accelerator DM and accelerator CZ Can be used in a ratio of 4:1.

Semi-reinforcing carbon black is a soft carbon black. It has the dual functions of reinforcing and filling in natural rubber and butadiene rubber. It can improve the elasticity and elongation of rubber products and reduce the heat generated during the use of rubber products. Therefore, an appropriate amount of semi-reinforcing carbon black can be used in the V-belt compression layer rubber containing reclaimed rubber; generally 20 parts of semi-reinforcing carbon black combined with 40 parts of carbon black can improve the reclaimed rubber. The comprehensive performance of the V-belt compression layer.

The use of reclaimed rubber in the V-belt compression layer produced by neoprene/natural rubber also requires the cooperation of softening system and anti-aging system, but the influence on the mechanical strength of the rubber is not particularly large, and will not be elaborated here.