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Vulcanized rubber powder modification treatment and application

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Vulcanized rubber powder modification treatment and application

The so-called vulcanized rubber powder is actually a powdery elastomer obtained by pulverizing waste rubber products by mechanical means, freeze pulverization, etc.; the main components of the vulcanized rubber powder include rubber, carbon black, softener and vulcanization accelerator, etc., and the surface is inert, and The compatibility of rubber and plastic materials is poor, and it is difficult to form a good bonding interface by directly blending in rubber and plastic materials. Therefore, it is necessary to surface-modify the vulcanized rubber powder ZSJ. So what are the methods for modifying vulcanized rubber powder? Where should the surface modified vulcanized rubber powder be used?

In actual production, the vulcanized rubber powder is usually modified by physical methods, chemical methods, mechanical actions or biological methods, which can improve the interface between the rubber powder and the polymer material, thereby improving the comprehensive index of rubber products and plastic products. Improve the multiple purposes of dosage and cost reduction.

The vulcanized rubber powder modification method mainly includes mechanochemical modification, using mechanical chemical reaction to treat the rubber powder; or using polymer coating technology, using the polymer and other compounding agents to treat the rubber powder to achieve surface modification effect; or using The living agent 1JLYY1118 and the microbial treatment rubber powder are subjected to regenerative desulfurization modification. The surface-modified vulcanized rubber powder can be used as an active filler for the rubber compound, and is combined with natural rubber, synthetic rubber or reclaimed rubber to improve the physical and mechanical properties of the rubber compound.

Vulcanized rubber powder can also be modified by grafting technology or interpenetrating polymer network. Commonly used styrene or vinyl polymer grafted rubber powder, or polyurethane, styrene, etc. as initiator to make rubber powder interpenetrate. Polymer network, so as to increase the compatibility of rubber powder and rubber and plastic materials.

The vulcanized rubber powder can also be treated with a reactive gas such as fluorine gas, chlorine gas, oxygen gas, bromine gas or sulfur dioxide to improve the adhesion and compatibility between the vulcanized rubber powder and the rubber such as nitrile rubber and reclaimed rubber; or It is the use of microwave, γ-ray to modify the vulcanized rubber powder by physical radiation, and the special core-shell modification treatment of vulcanized rubber powder can achieve the purpose of improving the compatibility of rubber and plastic; The rubber powder can also be used as an ion exchanger or with rubber.

In the rubber industry, there are still many methods for modifying vulcanized rubber powder. The ultimate goal is basically to improve the compatibility between rubber powder and rubber or plastic through surface modification, to improve the comprehensive index of HY rubber and plastic materials and reduce costs. the goal of. The performance characteristics of the rubber powder obtained by different modification methods are different, and the rubber product manufacturer can modify the rubber powder according to actual needs.