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Nitrile rubber powder for PVC elastic modified formula

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Nitrile rubber powder for PVC elastic modified formula

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is one of the larger plastic varieties in the market. PVC material has poor toughness, low impact strength, insufficient elasticity, and poor stability to light and heat. At temperatures above 100° C. or exposure to sunlight for a long time, it will decompose to produce hydrogen chloride, and further autocatalytic decomposition will cause discoloration. Physical machinery The performance is also rapidly declining, so the processing is difficult and cannot be used directly. It must be modified and compounded, and related additives and fillers can be added before use. Therefore, oil-resistant products factories usually use nitrile rubber or rubber powder polymers to modify them. So, what kind of modification of PVC material is better between nitrile rubber and nitrile rubber?

As we know, nitrile rubber (NBR) as the copolymer rubber of butadiene and acrylonitrile has the advantages of excellent oil resistance, aging resistance, wear resistance, etc., and its copolymer with PVC has good physical properties, especially for PVC impact resistance The disadvantages of low strength and insufficient elasticity have significant modification effects. However, NBR is a bulky elastomer. In order to blend it evenly with PVC, NBR must first be plasticized and then compounded with PVC. The process is very complicated and difficult to popularize and apply.

Nitrile rubber powder belongs to liquid powder and is mainly used for the production of rubber-plastic modified, elasticized and toughened, wear-resistant non-slip rubber products. The elastic modified body has good compatibility with PVC, and it is compatible with common NBR adhesive. Compared with the block, the operation process is simpler, and PVC powder can be directly mixed in high-speed stirring to make an economical thermoplastic elastomer with PVC. Nitrile rubber powder can be used to modify PVC, and not only can be used as a polymer plasticizer for PVC, but also has a strong affinity with dioctyl phthalate (DOP), thereby slowing the migration of plasticizers and improving The migration resistance of PVC soft products can greatly improve the flexibility, tear strength, heat and cold resistance of PVC soft products and the dimensional stability of the products, reduce the shrinkage rate, and prolong the service life of the products.

Compared with nitrile rubber, PVC modified with nitrile rubber powder not only has low raw material cost, but also has simple operation technology, superior product performance, and a wide range of applications. It can be used to prepare cable jackets, rolled films and plates, footwear, and sealing rings. And doors, windows, hoses and other PVC soft products.

PVC modified reference formula: 100 parts of PVC resin (mass fraction, the same below), 90 parts of nitrile rubber powder, DOP, 60 parts, 6 parts of stabilizer, 1 part of lubricant.