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Application of vulcanized rubber powder in waterproofing membrane

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Application of vulcanized rubber powder in waterproofing membrane

Vulcanized rubber powder is made from scrap rubber products. The product price is low. It can be used as the main material in the production of rubber products, and it can also appear in the form of packing, which significantly reduces the production cost of rubber products. The waterproofing material is its An important application. Waterproofing membrane is a flexible building material that can be used to resist external rain and groundwater leakage in construction projects and is critical to the safety of the entire construction project. The use of vulcanizate in waterproofing membranes can reduce the production cost of waterproofing membranes and can also guarantee the good performance of waterproofing membranes. How should vulcanized rubber powder be used in waterproofing membranes?

When vulcanized rubber powder is used in waterproofing membranes, it is usually used together with asphalt, and vulcanized rubber powder, asphalt, and resin are mixed together to form a waterproofing membrane at a high temperature with high-speed stirring. The main principle is to use vulcanization. Rubber powder modification of asphalt, a large amount of a wide range of uses. Preparation of rubber powder modified asphalt: Main process: Asphalt melting, dehydration heating up to 160-170°C → Adding demineralized oil, compounding agent, vulcanized rubber powder → Heating up to about 200°C (complete within 1.5 hours) → High-speed shearing 1.5 pieces Hours until the vulcanized rubber powder is fully dispersed in the asphalt → the filler is added at high speed for 0.5 hours or more, and the temperature is lowered to 170-180°C. Compared with traditional bitumen membranes, the modified bitumen membranes modified with vulcanizate have a good overall performance, natural aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance, and their service life is prolonged.

Vulcanized rubber powder can not only be used as an asphalt modifier in the production of waterproofing membranes, but also can be used as a host material, or it can be blended with polypropylene and other elastomers to significantly reduce the production costs of PE and TPO waterproofing membranes. For example, the upper surface layer is a micro-crosslinked thermoplastic elastomer, the middle is a waste vulcanized rubber powder resin, the lower middle layer is a reclaimed rubber, and the bottom layer is a barrier layer structure of a composite waterproofing material used in the vulcanized rubber powder layer in the vulcanized rubber powder The amount can be controlled between 65-85, with 4-13 parts of polyvinyl elastomer, 7-15 parts of polypropylene-based elastomer and 0.5-1 parts of antioxidant, 0.5-1 parts of crosslinking agent, 3-5 parts of the waterproof material made from the compatibilizer have low production cost, good waterproof performance and long service life.

The application of vulcanized rubber powder in waterproofing membranes is waiting for the vast number of rubber product manufacturers to continue to explore.