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Butyl reclaimed rubber improves the aging properties of epoxy natural rubber

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Butyl reclaimed rubber improves the aging properties of epoxy natural rubber

Natural rubber is treated with a peroxidized organic acid or hydrogen peroxide and an organic acid to form an epoxidized group structure, that is, an epoxidized natural rubber; this natural rubber has excellent wet skid resistance, air tightness, and oil resistance. Sex, etc., can therefore be used to produce high-airtight rubber products, oil-resistant rubber products; but in the actual application process, the aging resistance of epoxidized natural rubber is poor, then use the right amount of butyl in the rubber product formula Recycled rubber can improve the aging resistance of the rubber compound.

It has been reported that epoxidized natural rubber has excellent gas permeability resistance, and the produced inner tube can be used without being inflated within three months, but the aging resistance is poor during use, resulting in the use of epoxidized natural rubber inner tube. The life expectancy is greatly reduced; although butyl rubber has good chemical stability and thermal stability, it has poor compatibility with other types of rubber, and it is difficult to use with epoxy natural rubber. The butyl reclaimed rubber now exhibits "extraordinary" Force".

Butyl reclaimed rubber is processed from waste butyl inner tube. It retains the original gas resistance, heat resistance and aging resistance of butyl rubber. It has better compatibility with butyl rubber and can be used with epoxy natural. The combination of rubber and blending in the production of epoxy natural rubber products can just improve the aging resistance of the rubber compound. Experiments have shown that when an appropriate amount of butyl reclaimed rubber is blended in the epoxy natural rubber product, the aging resistance of the rubber compound is significantly improved under the use conditions of more than 120 ° C.

However, in actual production, butyl reclaimed rubber is recycled and reused as a waste butyl inner tube. Its comprehensive performance is different from that of butyl rubber. Therefore, it is necessary to control the dosage in the epoxy natural rubber and adjust the production in time. Formulation and process operations.

When using butyl reclaimed rubber in epoxy natural rubber products, the vulcanization speed of the rubber compound is fast and easy to scorch, which is directly related to the complex components of the butyl reclaimed rubber itself, so it is necessary to properly control the dosage of the butyl reclaimed rubber. To ensure the normal vulcanization of the rubber compound. Among them, the epoxy natural rubber/butyl reclaimed rubber which is selected from the effective vulcanization system and the semi-effective vulcanization system has better aging resistance.

When using butyl reclaimed rubber to improve the aging resistance of epoxy natural rubber products, rubber manufacturers can also use a small amount of bromobutyl rubber, chlorinated polyethylene or chlorosulfonated polyethylene in the formulation to improve the rubber mixing process. Performance, reduce sticking rolls, avoid epoxy natural rubber / butyl reclaimed rubber and delamination with rubber vulcanizate.