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Butyl inner tube with reclaimed rubber needs to adjust the formula

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Butyl inner tube with reclaimed rubber needs to adjust the formula

Butyl rubber has excellent air tightness and is an ideal raw material for the production of inner tube. At present, the traditional inner tube produced by using natural rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber has occupied most of the inner tube market; the butyl reclaimed rubber is picked from the waste butyl inner tube. It is processed by multiple processes such as crushing, desulfurization and refining. The product has low price and good air tightness. It can replace some butyl rubber to produce inner tube products and reduce the cost of raw materials. It is necessary to mix butyl reclaimed rubber in butyl inner tube. Adjust the formula and ensure the quality of the inner tube.

1. Pure butyl rubber to produce butyl inner tube example formula

100 parts of butyl rubber, 5 parts of zinc oxide, 25 parts of semi-reinforcing carbon black, 25 parts of fast pressing black, 1 part of antioxidant D, 0.5 part of accelerator M, 1.5 parts of accelerator ZDC, 1 part of accelerator TMTD, 3 parts of softener and 2 parts of sulfur, total: 164 parts.

2. Butyl inner tube reference formulation with butyl reclaimed rubber

90 parts of butyl rubber, 20 parts of butyl reclaimed rubber, 1 part of stearic acid, 5 parts of zinc oxide, 19 parts of paraffin oil, 25 parts of semi-reinforcing carbon black, 35 parts of fast-pressing black, and 0.5 part of accelerator DM. Promoter TMTD 0.9 parts, sulfur 1.5 parts, total: 197.9 parts.

3. Butyl inner tube formula matching system containing reclaimed rubber

(1) Vulcanization system: The butyl reclaimed rubber processed from waste butyl inner tube itself contains a certain amount of vulcanizing agent, accelerator, reinforcing agent, softener and other ingredients not completely removed, so in the butyl inner tube formula When a small amount of butyl reclaimed rubber is added, the amount of sulfur and accelerator in the formulation can be reduced in an appropriate amount, and the promoter ZDC in the pure butyl rubber formulation can generate harmful nitrosamines during use, which can be omitted.

(2) Reinforcement system: The structure of the fast-pressing furnace black is relatively high, which can give the rubber compound good processing performance during the use process, improve the compounding process and extrusion performance of the rubber compound, and improve the stiffness and elasticity of the butyl inner tube. Wear resistance and recovery; the molecular chain structure of butyl reclaimed rubber is seriously damaged during the production process, and the mechanical strength has a certain loss. Appropriately increasing the proportion of application of the fast-pressing carbon black can improve the comprehensive index of the rubber compound.

(3) Softening system: The rubber softener can reduce the power consumption during mixing during the processing of butyl inner tube, disperse the accelerator compounding agent, improve the elongation at break and resilience of the rubber compound, etc., wherein the paraffin oil has low aromatic content. The volatility is small. Appropriately increase the amount of paraffin oil in the butyl inner tube formula containing reclaimed rubber to improve the uniformity of rubber compounding, improve the processing performance and improve the weather resistance, oxidation degradation resistance and compression set resistance of butyl inner tube. Sex.

At present, many butyl tube manufacturers use the right amount of butyl reclaimed rubber in the production of inner tubes to reduce the production cost. The dosage of butyl reclaimed rubber in small butyl inner tubes or various inner tubes can be increased or even completely The butyl reclaimed rubber is used, and the amount of the IIR reclaimed rubber in the large butyl inner tube is generally controlled between 5% and 20%. When using butyl reclaimed rubber to produce butyl inner tube, reasonable adjustment of the inner tube formula containing butyl reclaimed rubber can further increase the amount of butyl reclaimed rubber and reduce the cost of raw materials.