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Advantages and Skills of Latex Rubber Outsole with Latex Recycled Rubber

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Advantages and Skills of Latex Rubber Outsole with Latex Recycled Rubber

The so-called cloth rubber shoes are made of rubber as the sole material, using natural fiber, synthetic or blended fiber as the finishing material, and a casual footwear product produced by the paste heat vulcanization method. The styles are numerous and gradually become the trend shoes. Product. Under normal circumstances, the rubber soles of the cloth are mostly made of natural rubber and butadiene rubber. However, due to the high price of the two and the less domestic rubber resources, more latex rubber reclaimed rubber is added to the outsole. . So what are the benefits of using latex reclaimed rubber in the outsole of rubber shoes? What issues should I pay attention to?

1. The benefits of cloth rubber shoes outsole with latex reclaimed rubber

Latex reclaimed rubber is processed from natural rubber waste rubber cup, rubber yarn, waste rubber material of latex product factory, sub-brand natural rubber, waste natural rubber or waste latex product. Its effective rubber hydrocarbon content is not much different from natural rubber. High rubber content, small specific gravity, light color, easy processing, good compatibility with natural rubber and butadiene rubber, can replace some natural rubber and butadiene rubber in the production of cloth rubber soles, reducing costs.

Latex reclaimed rubber has good fluidity, good plasticity, small expansion and contraction, low power consumption, flatness of vulcanization and safety of scorch. Therefore, the plasticity of natural rubber and butadiene rubber after latex reclaimed rubber is increased, during mastication. The compounding agent is easy to disperse and eat fast, and can appropriately improve the rollability and shrinkage of the rubber compound, shorten the mixing time, improve the vulcanization process, and reduce the production energy consumption. The addition of latex reclaimed rubber can also improve the heat resistance and self-adhesiveness of the rubber sole of the cloth rubber.

2. Precautions for the use of latex reclaimed rubber in the outsole of cloth shoes

(1) Controlling the amount of latex reclaimed rubber: Latex reclaimed rubber itself has high gel content and excellent physical and mechanical properties, which is consistent with the basic properties of raw rubber. Therefore, it can replace some natural rubber and butadiene rubber to produce cloth rubber outsole and reduce cost; Latex reclaimed rubber is a product of recycling and recycling of waste rubber resources. Excessive dosage will lead to a significant decrease in the physical properties of rubber compounds. Therefore, latex reclaimed rubber is blended in the outsole formula of natural rubber and butadiene rubber. The dosage should be controlled. In theory, the latex content of the whole formula can not be reduced by more than 7% compared with the pure original rubber formula.

(2) Adjusting the outsole of the rubber shoes: Latex reclaimed rubber is the product of desulfurization and regeneration of waste rubber and waste rubber products. The ingredients also contain some compounding agents that have not been completely removed, such as vulcanizing agents, accelerators, and reinforcing fillers. For example, in the case of a vulcanization system, the addition of the latex reclaimed rubber will consume the compounding agent in the vulcanization system of the formulation, and the compounding agent existing in the formulation will also react with the raw rubber. Therefore, it is necessary to take this part of the reaction into consideration and adjust the latex containing material appropriately. The type and amount of compounding agent in the matching system of the rubberized shoes in the reclaimed rubber.

(3) Adjusting the rubber sole process: the addition of latex regeneration can improve the processing performance of the rubber compound, mainly including plasticating, mixing and vulcanization processes. The rubber compound added with the latex reclaimed rubber has large plasticity, and the plasticity increases rapidly during the mastication process, and the plasticating temperature and the mastication time need to be properly adjusted; the latex can be regenerated when the mixing process is carried out in the internal mixer. The rubber is directly kneaded with the 1/2 plasticized plastic.

The rational use of latex reclaimed rubber in the rubber sole of the cloth rubber can not only reduce the production cost, but also alleviate the shortage of raw rubber resources, and solve the problem of environmental pollution of waste rubber products to a certain extent. In fact, the indexes of latex reclaimed rubber processed by different raw materials and different manufacturers vary greatly. In order to ensure the quality of rubber soles on the surface of rubber shoes, rubber manufacturers are best to choose environmentally friendly and odorless types with relevant inspection reports produced by regular manufacturers. Pure latex reclaimed rubber.