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The role of latex reclaimed rubber in pure rubber hose

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The role of latex reclaimed rubber in pure rubber hose

Latex reclaimed rubber is a product of waste natural rubber, waste latex gloves, waste latex balloons and waste latex hoses. It has high gel content and good elasticity. The biggest mission is to replace natural rubber to produce rubber products and reduce costs. At present, many pure rubber hoses on the market use natural rubber as the main raw material, such as medical hoses and vacuum hoses. However, natural rubber itself has high price and high price fluctuations, which makes many manufacturers feel headaches, so latex latex can be the same. What is the production of pure rubber hose instead of natural rubber? What are the roles and what should I pay attention to?

Among the raw materials of latex reclaimed rubber are natural rubber waste rubber cups, rubber yarns, latex products, waste rubber products and various types of waste latex products. Even some latex reclaimed rubbers will add a certain proportion of ground natural rubber during processing, which will be crushed and desulfurized. It is processed by multiple processes such as filtration. Its effective rubber hydrocarbon content is higher than other types of reclaimed rubber. Latex reclaimed rubber has the same basic properties as natural rubber. It has good compatibility with natural rubber and can be used together with natural rubber or alone. Replacing natural rubber to produce a variety of high-elasticity, high-strength pure rubber hoses to reduce costs.

The replacement of a certain amount of natural rubber in a pure rubber hose with a low-priced latex reclaimed rubber can reduce the cost of raw materials and improve the process performance of the rubber compound, as follows.

The latex reclaimed rubber itself has good plasticity, good fluidity and low power consumption, which can improve the processing technology and energy consumption of the rubber compound. The latex reclaimed rubber processed from waste natural rubber and waste latex products undergoes refining and other processes in the production process, and it expands and contracts itself. Small, dimensional stability is good, so pure rubber hose is not easy to shrink and deform during production and use; natural rubber itself has poor anti-aging performance, latex anti-aging performance is better than natural rubber, can reduce the amount of anti-aging agent, delay pure rubber hose Aging time; natural rubber has high mechanical strength and good elasticity, but vulcanization and reversion are easy to occur during vulcanization molding. Latex reclaimed rubber has good vulcanization performance, which can reduce the vulcanization of pure rubber hose and improve the safety of scorch.

The use of latex reclaimed rubber in natural rubber pure rubber hose can reduce the cost and improve the rubber processing technology. If this means that all latex reclaimed rubber can replace natural rubber to produce pure rubber hose and latex regeneration in pure rubber hose. The more glue you use, the better? the answer is negative. Although latex reclaimed rubber replaces natural rubber to produce pure rubber hose, it has great advantages. However, for pure rubber hose with high mechanical strength requirement, a large amount of latex reclaimed rubber will reduce the physical and mechanical strength of the rubber to a certain extent and should be reasonably controlled; For the natural rubber pure rubber hose formula in the medical and living fields, it is necessary to use environmentally-friendly latex reclaimed rubber and odorless latex reclaimed rubber; the pure rubber hose formula containing latex reclaimed rubber also needs to be adjusted.

In actual production, latex reclaimed rubber should replace latex rubber in whole or in part to produce pure rubber hose. Be careful to choose latex reclaimed rubber, reasonably control the amount of latex reclaimed rubber, and improve latex regeneration as much as possible under the premise of ensuring the quality of natural rubber pure rubber hose. The amount of glue used and the production cost are reduced.